Student Leaders: SPRINT

What does this experience mean?

Tuk TukThe process of returning from your SPRINT trip is an opportunity for you to reflect on your experiences, celebrate the ways in which you saw God at work, and consider next steps.

Hopefully, this process is one you'll undertake intentionally, sorting through your thoughts and taking time to consider a coherent vision.

Members of SPRINT Core share their own post-trip reflections in the videos below. How is your experience like or unlike these stories?

Staying in touch with your host and host country
Chris and Emily share ways they've stayed in touch.

Sharing your story with family and friends
Carissa, Hilary and Owen talk about telling the story to those who weren't with you on your trip.

Translating your trip into action
Kim, Michael and Owen discuss next-steps and action plans.

What to do if you want (or don't want) to go back
Chris and Kim did. Carissa didn't. Where do you find yourself?

What if my trip felt like a failure?

Michael and Chrissy share how they've turned "failures" into success.

For Further Reflection

The Krista Foundation for Global Citizenship supports young adult volunteers as they embrace the challenges and joys of serving alongside others in our interconnected world. Upon their return home, SPRINTers receive a copy of the Foundation's Global Citizen journal, filled with reflections and stories from young adults engaged in service around the globe.

Photos and Videos From Across the Globe

See photos and video from past summers' trips on SPRINT's Archive page.