Student Leaders: SPRINT

Summer 2011 SPRINT Teams: Indonesia

Trip Dates: June 29 - July 31

Project Description:
Engage unreached Muslim islanders in conversations about Jesus as you live with them in their fishing villages, bless them through simple development projects, and experience their unique culture.

Estimated Cost: $3700

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Team Updates

July 28

We just got back from our last island. We cant even begin to explain how amazing it was! Danae and i also made it on the cover of the Batam Pos newspaper on Monday morning. We were attending a tree planting ceremony and our picture was on the cover along with the leaders of the island. Dont worry we'll bring copies.

We are sad to be leaving Indonesia soon, but regardless we are very excited to share our experiences with our friends and family. Again, please keep us in your prayers and keep the families of the islands we stayed with in your prayers as well. They have made a tremendous impact on our lives and we hope to have done the same.

July 24

Here's a quick update from the team.  They're enjoying their final island visit.

"Hi all we are on our 3rd and final island stay, day 4 of 8. Longest tour we've been on and first time they've taken ethno-tourists to this island. First 2 nights we didnt have translators which was quite the adventure! Lots of community activities, volleyball, food, and bugs. Village leaders treated us to some snail soup. Our team is split into two homes. We are enjoying spending quality time with our host families. That's all for now. We miss our loved ones at home and look forward to reuniting!"

Because the team is split into two houses they didn't have a translator in the room with them for the first couple days.  Rest assured, of course, they're not without the accompaniment of their hosts!

July 14

Here's another update from the team:

"Back from the second island. We will be at base camp for about 5 days to prepare for the last island stay which will be about a week. Please keep praying for us, God has definitely been challenging us and using us for His kingdom."

The week-long island visit is longer than the typical homestay - the team hopes this will provide a greater opportunity for learning and relationship building.

In other news, the bug bites reported in our last update are getting better. ;). I'll keep you updated as we hear more from the team.

July 11

A quick update from the team last night reported that the team's first island was a good learning experience (island homestays are more like camping than some might expect!) but much enjoyed. They're looking forward to their next island visit.

The team also asked us to pray for some team members who have had reactions to bug bites - nothin serious, but an inconvenience.

July 6

The team reports that they're off to their first island visit. We'll hear from them in about 3 days. (in the meantime, their hosts do have excellent communications in case of any emergency.)

July 2

Here's a quick video update from the team: Indonesia video update.

They're doing well, and are enjoying their pre-island visit language lessons.

July 1

After 26 hours of travel, the team reached Indonesia early this morning, Seattle time. They'll spend the weekend in language study and orientation before their first island visit.

June 29

Indonesia Departure

This evening five Seattle Pacific University students begin their journey to Indonesia, where they’ll spend the next month visiting islands, interacting with local residents and building friendships that will help local Christian leaders share the Gospel with Muslims. 

SPRINT (Seattle Pacific Reachout International) is SPU’s short-term missions program.  This summer we’ll send nearly 70 students to 9 countries across the globe to learn from and serve alongside local community leaders.  These students have been meeting together since February, and have spent significant time in pre-trip training to consider the impact of short-term service, ways to approach unfamiliar cultures and the role of American Christians in the global context. 

Our hope for SPRINT is to provide opportunities for students to learn first-hand from leaders engaged in significant issues in their communities and to encourage others through their service. 

In the picture above, Rachel, Ruby and Danae pose with a cardboard cut-out EVA Airlines stewardess.  Lauren and Alicia flew from California.

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