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Summer 2010 SPRINT Teams

This summer SPRINT will send teams to 9 countries. Check out one of the links below for updates from the team during their trip.

For questions contact a member of SPRINT Core.

July 1 - August 8

China Flag

June 30 - August 1

Indonesia Flag

Dominican Republic/Haiti
August 30 - September 10

Dominican Republic Flag Haiti Flag

August 4-31

Russia Flag

June 14-July 5

Egypt Flag
June 14-July 3

Rwanda Flag
August 9-September 6

Guatemala Flag

June 14 - July 9

Vietnam Flag

June 21-July 26

India Flag

Summer, 2009 SPRINT Teams

Students share their Summer 2009 SPRINT experience through digital stories.China: Summer 2009

Check out photos on the John Perkins Center's Flickr page.

Members of the India SPRINT team compiled their pictures in this online photo album.

Members of the Guatemala Medical and Education SPRINT teams posted their pictures in this online photo album.

Students who traveled to Vietnam also created an online photo gallery.

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