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SPRINT provides a variety of international immersion trips designed to help participants engage in issues around community development, justice and reconciliation.  Participants will have an opportunity to live outside their usual comforts and contexts, and to be challenged to learn from international practitioners, who are devoted to working in their communities.


Consider a SPRINT 2017 immersion experience!

The application deadline has been extended to January 17 for students who would like to participate in an international immersion experience.

Summer 2017 Applications are due Jan. 17.

SPRINT Summer 2017 Reference Form

Check out SPRINT Summer 2017 trips.

Potential 2017 trips & estimated costs:

  • Children & Education in the DR (3 weeks, $3,500)
  • Community Education & Relationship Building in Haiti (3 weeks, $3,000)
  • Community Development & Responses to Poverty in Brazil (6 weeks, $4,000)
  • Understanding Islam & Creative Communication in Indonesia (4 weeks, $4,000)
  • Education & Homestays in Guatemala (4 weeks, $2,800)
  • Education & Relationship Building in Guatamala (4 weeks, $3,000)
  • Engineering in Rural Communities in Alaska (3 weeks, $3,500)


Joining God at Work in the World!

SPRINT Summer 2017 Application
SPRINT Summer 2017 Reference Form

Do SPRINT trips contribute to students' learning, cultural competence and global awareness? 
Check out SPRINT's Global Learning Outcomes and Values

Learn more about the SPRINT Process at our FAQ page.

What about those at home? Read SPRINT's information for Parents, Guardians, Friends and Family.

Where did SPRINT teams serve in Summer, 2015?


Learn more about SPRINT in this video from ASSP!

Summer, 2014 SPRINT participants reflect on their experiences in this set of short videos.

What did you do in country? What did you do in your host country?

How did SPRINT impact your life? How did SPRINT impact your life?

Why did you choose SPRINT? Why did you choose SPRINT?


SPRINT is facilitated by student leaders, supported through the Associated Students of Seattle Pacific (ASSP), and under the mentorship of John Perkins Center staff.

How do advisors and student leaders partner? 
Learn more about the Foundations of Advising.

India Henna

SPRINT's Impact

Do summer SPRINT trips have long-term meaning? An ongoing study and students' experience say yes.

Learn more about SPRINT's process and impact in "A Life-Changing Summer."

All SPRINT participants are required to enroll in GS 2500: "Service Training for SPRINT" in Spring Quarter.

Interested in SPRINT? Contact the SPRINT Core.

Now That They're Home ...


The reflection continues when SPRINTers return from their experiences. Visit SPRINT's post-trip page for helpful reflection resources.

Visit SPRINT's Archive Page to read reports and to see photos and videos from past summers' teams.


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Summer 2016 international immersion trips.

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