A Letter to Parents, Guardians, Friends and Family of SPRINT Participants


Winter, 2015

Dear SPRINT Parents, Guardians, Friends and Family,

Thank you for the privilege of working with your student as he or she prepares for a SPRINT trip this summer. I’m sure you’ve heard bits and pieces about the trip as your student has begun to engage in the SPRINT training process. In the information below, I hope to answer some questions you may have about the SPRINT program and this summer’s trip itself.

Seattle Pacific Reachout International (SPRINT) is the student-led short-term missions program of Seattle Pacific University’s John Perkins Center for Reconciliation, Leadership Training and Community Development. SPRINT seeks to connect students to opportunities to learn and serve with long-term local leaders across the globe. This summer, students will serve in 8 countries.

Currently, SPRINT teams are in the process of fundraising, team-building and training for their trips. In Spring Quarter SPRINTers will take part in the SPRINT Training class, designed to prepare students for effective cross-cultural engagement through the lenses of Christian community development. I’m excited to watch as students continue their process of global engagement.

Though many details of this summer’s trips are still in the works, dates are set, and detailed itineraries are forthcoming. I encourage you to talk with your student about the logistical details of the trip but also about his or her sense of calling to this experience. We believe strongly that SPRINT trips provide a unique opportunity for students to discern more of God’s call on their lives both now and in the future, whether it be long-term service or increased sensitivity to those on the margins, in the United States or abroad.

So, thanks for allowing us the opportunity to share this experience with your student. If you have any questions about SPRINT or a particular trip, please contact me through one of the means below.

Tali Hairston, Global Ministry Advisor

And now, questions you might be asking…

How much will this trip cost?
What pre- and post-trip training and support does SPRINT provide?
Who are SPRINT’s hosts?
What will the team do during their trip?
Will my student be safe?
How will I know what’s going on during the trip?