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Seattle Pacific University teaches philosophy from a strong Christian perspective. When you study philosophy here, you learn to see the connections between different fields of thought such as science, religion, and ethics. You also engage the world of ideas, challenging assumptions that often lie at the heart of belief systems.

When you major or minor in philosophy, you develop strong skills in understanding and communicating complex ideas. If you choose a major other than philosophy, consider studying philosophy as your second major. “Double-majoring” allows students to get the most of their university experience and brings out the connections between disciplines.


When students graduate with a degree in philosophy from SPU, they’ve developed skills that are important to a wide variety of careers. Many continue study in graduate schools such as Notre Dame, Villanova and Indiana University. Others enter careers in the high-tech industry, ministry, teaching and counseling. For more information on the value of studying philosophy for your future career, check out the following:




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