The Philosophy Double Major

ajoring in two disciplines (e.g., philosophy and sociology or philosophy and history) is a good way to get the most out of your experience at the university. Serious students in all majors are encouraged to consider philosophy as a second major.

Students who choose philosophy as a second major must earn a total of 50 credits in philosophy, 25 of which must be upper division. In essence, if one double-majors, one is allowed to drop 5 credits from the history, systematic, or elective courses for the philosophy major.

However, the choice to omit a course listed in the major must be approved by the philosophy faculty.

Examples of Double Majors
hilosophy and English
     Philosophy and Mathematics
     Philosophy and Physics
     Philosophy and Sociology
     Philosophy and History
     Philosophy and Biology
     Philosophy and Theology
     Philosophy and Political Science

Requirements for Philosophy Major
Description and Classes for Philosophy Major
Requirements for Philosophy Minor
Description and Classes for Philosophy Minor
Requirements for Philosophy Double Major
Description and Classes for Philosophy Double Major
Application for the Philosophy Major or Minor (PDF)
What Can You Do With a BA in Philosophy?
From general reflections to concrete possibilities.
Thinking About Graduate School in Philosophy?
Some thoughts to get you started...
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