Physics Majors and Minors

Why is the sky blue?
How do we know that the Earth orbits the Sun?
Why do we think the universe is mostly dark energy?
What determines the magnitude of the greenhouse effect?
Can two simultaneous events for me be non-simultaneous for you?
How do you "pump" energy into a swing?

If you find questions like these intriguing you should consider a major or minor in physics. Almost any question you can ask about the natural world will lead you eventually to an inquiry into a topic in physics. Physics provides more than simple answers to these questions. Physics embodies a process of inquiry that ultimately reveals the elegance of Created order.

The SPU physics curriculum is designed to provide students with the practice and analytical tools necessary to solve complex problems. From introductory courses where student work with faculty to build their own understanding through inquiry-based activities to advanced independent research projects, SPU physics students learn through active engagement and hands-on experience.

Graduating physics students are prepared to apply their skills to research, design, or consulting in physics and physics related fields. In addition, our graduates possess critical and creative problem solving skills that cna be utilized in vocations far removed from the discipline of physics. A physics major or minor will open up doors to a wide array of exciting and challenging careers.

The Department of Physics offers several programs of study to interested undergraduate students:

BS in Physics

BA in Physics

BA in Physics with an Education Focus

Minor in Physics

Admission to the Physics Major requires: A minimum 2.5 GPA (cumulative in all courses required for the major taken at SPU) is required for admission to the major. Additionally, a minimum 2.0 (C grade) must be earned in PHY 2321, and a minimum 1.7 (C- grade) must be earned in every other course required for the major. A student must complete the major requirements in effect when the student is admitted to the major.

You are welcome to view the physics courses offered during the academic year in the Undergraduate Time Schedule.


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