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Teacher Professional Development Resources

A website for instructors of professional development

The Seattle Pacific University Physics Department, in partnership with FACET Innovations, has extensive experience creating nationally-recognized professional development courses for teachers. We hope to share what we have learned with developers and instructors of teacher professional development courses from across the country. This website is the beginning of a collaboration between SPU, FACET Innovations, universities, school districts, and any interested instructor of teacher professional development.

We hope that you will find helpful resources here as you prepare your own teacher professional development courses. Right now, you can access the SPU Physics Department’s professional development philosophy, example lessons tailored to the components of that philosophy, and even course agendas. In the future, the website will be updated to allow interactive collaboration among the many developers of teacher professional development courses who we are excited to have as part of our community.

You will find that the guiding philosophy behind our teacher professional development courses is the concept of a diagnostic learning environment (DLE). Please visit the DLE Overview page to learn more.

If you have any questions about the resources you find here, please contact us.

This project is brought to you by the Seattle Pacific University Physics Department and FACET Innovations, LLC. It is funded by a National Science Foundation grant.