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Teacher Professional Development Resources

Sample Agendas for a DLE

Teacher working with a student

Below, you will find agendas and objectives for teacher professional development courses which were designed with the diagnostic learning environment components in mind. The examples come from three separate courses with emphases on different content areas: properties of matter, heat and temperature, and the particulate nature of matter. Feel free to use these agendas yourself, modify them, or use them as templates for your own courses.


Characteristic Properties of Matter (POM)

Heat and Temperature (H&T)

Particulate Nature of Matter (PNM)

• POM Agenda PDF
• POM Objectives PDF

• H&T Agenda PDF
• H&T Objectives PDF

• PNM Agenda PDF
• PNM Objectives PDF

You can also check out our blank template for designing activities (PDF) which utilize the components of a diagnostic learning environment.