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Teacher Professional Development Resources

Resources for Teacher Assistant (TA) Development

We are pleased to offer resources for instructors of physics teacher assistants (TAs).

Open Source Tutorials in Physics with Teaching Assistant Development

The Open Source Tutorials in Physics Sensemaking are a set of physics tutorials (guided-inquiry worksheets intended for use in small groups) on thirteen topics common to introductory physics courses.

Recognizing that instructors inevitably need to adapt even the best reform materials to suit their local circumstances, we offer these tutorials as user-modifiable documents, and offer resources to assist users in making effective modifications and training teaching assistants. In particular, our tutorials are embedded with comments from the developers, advice from experienced instructors, and annotated video clips of students using the materials. Other implementation resources include homework and solutions, complete instructor’s guides, pretests, and exam questions. 

More background on these materials is available online.

To download the tutorials, please visit: 

You will need a password to view and download the files. To obtain this password, please email Rachel Scherr at