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Teacher Professional Development Resources

Components for DLE Implementation

Young student workingTools for Professional Development Instructors

Below, please find links to tools (PDF lesson plans) which offer advice about how to intentionally foster the components of a diagnostic learning environment while planning and implementing a teacher professional development course.

You will notice that the tools are categorized according to the components of a diagnostic learning environment: content knowledge required for teaching, formative instructional practice, and classroom culture needed for learning.

Content Knowledge 
Needed for Teaching

Instructional Practice

Classroom Culture 
Needed for Learning

• Curriculum Selection PDF
• Diagnoser Set of   Questions PDF
• Developmental Lesson   PDF
• Curriculum Topic Study   PDF
• Prescriptive Activities PDF

• Elicitation Question (EQ)   PDF
• Revisiting Ideas from EQ   PDF
• Learning from Student   Data PDF
• Prescriptive Activities PDF
• Consensus Discussion of   Ideas PDF

• Establishing Classroom   Norms PDF
• Elicitation Question and   Class Discussion PDF
• Reflection Activity PDF
• Review of Homework PDF

Content Specific Activities:
• Energy Theater PDF

Content Specific Activities:
• Energy Feature Talk PDF


Most of the tools are formatted according to our diagnostic learning environment lesson template (PDF). Feel free to use the blank template to create your own lessons.