Political Science and Geography Department

Political Science & Geography Department


Kathleen Braden, Ph.D.

Professor of Geography
Department of Political Science and Geography
Seattle Pacific University
Seattle, WA 98119
kbraden@spu.edu; 206-281-2927
Office: 4 Nickerson, Suite 200

Dr. Braden's website

Kathleen Braden is a professor of geography at SPU. She received her bachelor's degree from Boston University and her master's and doctorate from the University of Washington.

Dr. Braden teaches courses dealing with Geography and Russia.

Courses taught by her include:

  • GEO 1110 World Regional Geography
  • GEO 2000 Introduction to Global Development
  • GEO 2207 Economic Geography
  • GEO 3170 Geopolitics
  • GEO 3500 Geography of Natural Resources
  • GEO 4600 Public Policies on Ecotourism
  • GEO 4899 Capstone Seminar on Civil Society
  • GEO 4911 Adv. Sem. Russia and Central Asia