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Checking Out

Follow this procedure to check out of your room:

  • Notify your Resident Advisor (RA) and RLC that you want to move.
  • Complete the appropriate paperwork (Room Change or Withdrawal from Housing form).
  • Schedule a checkout appointment with your RA.
  • Prior to your appointment, pack your belongings, return furniture to its original configuration, thoroughly clean your unit (vacuum, dust, etc.), return your room key to the Office of Safety and Security and obtain a key receipt to give to your RA at checkout.
  • At your appointment time, your RA will inspect your residence to assess any change in condition from when you checked in. If cleaning or maintenance is required, charges will be applied to your student account. Your PA will provide you with a copy of your checkout form for your records.

Note: Failure to make your checkout appointment or leaving without following the checkout procedure will result in a minimum fine of $75.

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