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2014-2015 Housing Sign-Up

Who can sign up for CHA? All continuing students and transfer students (not first-time freshmen) are eligible. Since CHA is considered on-campus housing, you can reserve a unit even if you are younger than 20.


When and where do I sign up? CHA units are reservied by a group application. Each unit type (two-person, four-person, etc.) has its own application period. See the Sign-up Schedule for details on when and where applications are available. Your name may only appear on one application in each category. The process is designed so that you will know whether you have qualified for one type of unit before the application period for the next type begins.

Selection order. Group applications are ordered by total seniority points (see Seniority Points). If a tie occurs, applications will be prioritized by the date and time received.

Because of the small number of one-, three-, five-, and six-person units, students will list their unit preferences directly on their application; qualifying groups will receive email notification of the unit they have been assigned. Groups qualifying for two- and four-person units will attend a separate sign-up event to choose a specific apartment; group representatives will receive an email with details. Once you reserve a unit, you may not apply for another unit.


You will complete a Room and Meal Plan Contract when you submit your application. By signing the contract you agree to abide by the policies outlined in the Student Handbook. Read both documents thoroughly to udnerstand the terms of your residency. Once you reserve a unit, you may not sign up for another unit. If you cancel your contract after reserving a unit, you will forfeit your $300 housing deposit (which you paid when you first applied for housing).


Send questions or comments to: housing@spu.edu | Housing Information: (206) 281-2188
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