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2014-2015 Housing Sign-Up


To recognize a student's class status, as well as honor the time he or she has contributed to SPU's residential community, seniority points are calculated using class status (based on credits earned through Winter Quarter 2014) and the number of quarters lived on campus at SPU (through Spring Quarter 2014). You will receive the following points for your class status:

  • Freshman (144 credits): 3
  • Sophomore (4589 credits): 6
  • Junior (90134 credits): 9
  • Senior (135+ credits): 12

This number will be added to the number of quarters you have lived on campus. Summer and any quarter lived off campus are not included in the seniority count. You and your roommate's points will be added together to arrive at a point total for your group.


Log in at spu.edu/SeniorityPoints to view your points!



Send questions or comments to: housing@spu.edu | Housing Information: (206) 281-2188
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