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Withdrawal From Housing

To withdraw from University Housing, you must complete a withdrawal application on the Housing Portal. You must also complete a checkout appointment with your RA prior to leaving. If you will continue to take classes (i.e., you are withdrawing from housing only), you must meet one of the criteria listed under the Residential Living Requirement.

If you withdraw or are withdrawn from classes and this results in you being registered for fewer than three credits, you are required to vacate University housing immediately and cease using your Weekly Block meal plan. Any student who continues to reside on campus after his or her withdrawal will be liable for room and meal plan charges beyond his or her last date of class attendance.

Students withdrawing for the following quarter must check out by the residence hall closing date and time of the current quarter, including CHA residents (see Calendar).

For information on room and meal plan refunds, refer to the Refund Schedule. If you are on a quarterly meal plan, access to meals and SPU points will be discontinued effective the date you check out of housing. Block 25 and Block 50 plans will remain in effect until you graduate or withdraw from the University.

For information on room deposit refunds, refer to Room Deposit.


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