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Refund Schedule and Policies

If you withdraw from University housing after the beginning of the contract period (see Withdrawal from Housing), you will forfeit your room deposit and be refunded your room and meal plan charges based on the day you checkout (see Checking Out) according to the following schedule:


Prior to midnight on the day the halls open
First week of the quarter*
Second week of the quarter
Third week of the quarter
Fourth and fifth weeks of the quarter
Sixth week of the quarter and following


* The first week of the quarter begins the day after the residence halls open and ends the Monday after the first day of classes. Each successive week runs Tuesday through Monday.

SPU Dining Dollars are considered part of the meal-plan charge. The entire charge for the plan will be refunded according to the above schedule. No refunds are given for Block 50 or Block 25. Falcon Funds are subject to their own refund policy described here.


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