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Frequently Asked Questions about the Bridges Program

Q. What is the Bridges mission?

Through the Bridges program, Emerson residents are encouraged to live out SPU’s commitment to grace-filled community and radical reconciliation. Bridges supports this commitment by breaking down barriers and helping to bridge cultural differences among Emerson residents and the SPU campus at large.

Q. Who can participate in Bridges?

The Bridges program is designed to meet the needs of undergraduate students residing in Emerson Hall. Students from other halls and off-campus students are also welcome to participate in Bridges conversations and programs. The only requirements for participation are enrollment at SPU and a desire to have open, honest, and respectful conversations.

Q. What kind of things happen as a part of Bridges?

Bridges programs are designed to engage students in conversations around challenging topics that broaden understanding of cultural competency, social justice, and how these issues intersect with faith, politics, identity, and our global community. Some of these programs include:

Taboo Topics: A weekly discussion about a topic related to diversity and social justice. Topics have included poverty, justice, reconciliation, gender differences, and political beliefs.

Film Viewing: A time for residents to gather, watch and discuss films that foster conversations about diversity issues.

Q. What have you learned? What have you enjoyed?
“I have learned a great deal about others in my hall. It has been fascinating to hear where others come from and how their experiences have shaped their outlook on life. It makes me more curious about the rest of the world and desire to see what else is out there. It has been great getting to know my fellow students and spending quality time with them.”

“I have learned that diversity is something that we must learn to live within simply because everyone has a different story and background. Bringing all of these aspects together creates an environment that prospers and grows stronger through its differences. That is exactly what this program has done this year.”

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