Course Changes

If you need to add, eliminate, or update a course or courses, follow the instructions below to enable the change to happen in a timely manner.


Approval Process for New Courses

  • Submit a course change form via Sharepoint within specified deadlines for the upcoming academic year.
  • Changes will be forwarded to the Curriculum Committee for review.
  • The department is notified of the decisions/actions of the Curriculum Committee.
  • Student Academic Services will add new courses to Banner once they are approved.


Changing or Inactivating a Course

  • Submit a course change form via Sharepoint within specified deadlines for the upcoming academic year.
  • Additions and updates can happen only during Autumn Quarter.

Remember the impact this change might have on students already admitted to your major(s) or on other departments who may also rely on a specific course for their major requirements. If a course has been inactivated, you can no longer offer a section of it.


Course Restrictions

A student may not be able to register for a specific course for a variety of reasons, including specific major or level restrictions or prerequisite requirements. Because restrictions and prerequisites are placed on classes at the request of the school or department, students must request an exception from either the instructor or the department. Find out more about restrictions.


Cross-Curriculum Approval

Attach this form to the Sharepoint Course Change Form if your department is making changes to courses that are cross-listed with courses in other departments/schools or if your changes will affect the programs (major, minor, certification, graduate programs) of other departments/schools.

CUE, WE, or WK Request Forms

To request a Ways of Engaging or Ways of Knowing attribute for a course, complete the appropriate course below and attach it to a Course Change Form in Sharepoint.


Courses may be set up for which students must obtain faculty or department permission prior to registering for a course. You or an administrative assistant can enter the permission override into Banner, allowing a student to register online. Find out more about permissions.


Schedule Types

A schedule type is a three-character code:

  • The first character is a unique code denotes the class’ delivery type such as lecture or lab.
  • The second character determines whether the class is considered “Regular (organized) class (R)” or “Individual instruction (I).”
  • The third character indicates whether the section is counted toward “Faculty load” (L), or does not count toward faculty load” (N).
  • Choose the schedule type(s), and indicate the primary type if there is more than one. The Office of Information and Data Management uses this information for University reporting.
  • Schedule Type Chart. (Excel file)



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