Campus Conference Rooms


Library Meeting Rooms

Contact Johanna Krogh* at, 206-281-2413, or use the online forms.


The rooms are available for use by SPU faculty, staff, and students for purposes directly related to SPU academic or student life. Available rooms include the following:

  • Library Seminar Room (second floor): Seats up to 60 and is available during regular library hours.
  • Library Administrative Conference Room (second floor, administrative office): seats 12 and is available 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday.
  • Library Instructional Classroom (main floor): 20 computers, one instructor's station, available during regular library hours.
  • Conference Room A (second floor): Seats six and is available during regular library hours.
  • Conference Rooms B-F (third floor, along windows): Seats eight and is available during regular library hours.


* In Johanna’s absence, fill out the form at her desk (second floor, administrative office). In the evening or on weekends, ask at the Circulation Desk (main floor).


Reserve a Room Request form

Seminar Room Reservation form

Room reservation policies

Detailed Library hours


Lower Weter Conference Room

Contact Julia Weir at or 206-281-2051.


Priority is given to Lower Weter occupants and other University Relations departments (e.g., University Communications, Graduate Center, Alumni, Advancement Services, Undergraduate Admissions).


Due to the large number of staff in our area that need group meeting space, the room is often in use most of the day. However, if another department on campus is in a pinch and can’t find another room, Julia will do her best to accommodate.


Walls Advancement Center Conference Room

Contact Karen Engle at or 206-281-2951.


Meeting needs for the University Advancement and Foundation team have first priority in booking. This meeting room comfortably sits 14 people, with a maximum of 18 allowed. It features whiteboard, screen/wireless connection, hardware connectivity, and a speaker phone. The room is available 9 a.m.– 4 p.m. Monday-Friday. (Bathrooms are located at back entrance to building.)


If it is available, other SPU departments may use the conference room with the following conditions:

  • No catered events. (Alumni exception)
  • Meeting organizer must be present during entire blocked time.
    Group must be self sufficient (NO onsite assistance).
  • Group must leave the room as they found it (clean), trash emptied to outside dumpster, chairs pushed in, table wiped, floor picked up, etc.
  • AV needs must be coordinated with CIS ahead of time.
  • Refreshments (coffee, condiments, water, etc.) must be supplied by the meeting organizer.
  • Meeting organizer must wait at building entrances to greet and direct guests/attendees.


If these restrictions are not followed, your group will be placed on a “NO” list and your group will no longer be able to use the WAC conference room.


2 West Dravus Conference Room

Contact Rachel Robins at or 206-281-2597.


Meeting needs for Facility and Project Management has first priority in booking this space. If you’d like to reserve this room, advance notice is vital. Contact Lois Lee in advance to see if the room is available. Then once you receive confirmation, you will need to include “$Conf Room 2W Dravus” in your Outlook invites to reserve.


Other Meeting Spaces on Campus Available for Scheduling

  • Conference Room 207, Student Union Building: Contact Sarah Adams at or 206-281-2481.
  • Peterson Conference Room, Peterson Hall first floor : Contact Mia Hays at or 206-281-2195.
  • McKenna Conference Room, McKenna Hall second floor: Contact Kathy Stegman at or 206-281-2992. (Accommodates 15 people around the conference table +peripheral seating of six or so. Includes a computer, big screen, and a small kitchen on site.)
  • University Services Conference Room, 3220 Sixth West: Contact Laurie Murphy at or 206-281-2230. (Not available for use in the summer.)
  • Gwinn Commons Queen Anne Room and Cascade Room


Campus Conference Rooms Unavailable for Scheduling

  • Alexander Conference Room
  • Computer and Information Systems, Lower Moyer
  • Executive Boardroom, Executive Office, Demaray Hall. Not available for scheduling outside of vice-president permission.
  • Health Sciences Conference Room, Marston Hall
  • Safety and Security, 601 West Emerson