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Faculty Advisor
When you apply for a major, you may request that a major advisor be assigned to you if you do not already have a faculty advisor in the department in which you are interested.

Request a new advisor online through the Banner Information System. Enter the system and choose “Student Menu” followed by the “Your Faculty Advisor” option.

If you have not yet declared a major, schedule an appointment with your faculty advisor before your registration appointment time.  Once you have met with your advisor, they will lift your hold so you can register.

If you do not know who your advisor is, find out by accessing the "Your Faculty Advisor" menu as indicated above.
Do I need to meet with my faculty advisor every quarter?
Yes — until you have been accepted into a major. Your faculty advisor will work with in the following ways:
  • Provide information about the limitations, alternatives, and consequences of academic choices available to you.
  • Develop quarterly class schedules that meet your immediate and long-range objectives.
  • Explaining the general requirements for completion of a baccalaureate degree.
  • Outline the requirements of a given major.
  • Track your progress toward completion of the major.
  • Assess your academic performance to detect any problem areas quickly.
  • Direct you to other campus services and resources that can enhance your education experience.
Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their faculty advisors occasionally even after being admitted to the major.
What if I want to change advisors?
Whenever possible, students who indicate a preferred major are assigned an advisor who is on the faculty of the school or department in which that major is offered. Only students who have formally been accepted into a major, however, are guaranteed an advisor in their major. To change advisors, enter the Banner Information System, and choose “Student Menu” followed by the “Your Faculty Advisor” button.
Academic Counselor
Your “faculty advisor” in your major is different from your “academic counselor” in Student Academic Services.
  • Your academic counselor is a resource — for you and your faculty advisor — regarding policies related to completing your degree.
  • Your academic counselor follows your progress from admission through graduation, specifically by evaluating transcripts for transfer students, confirming the transferability of courses you may want to take elsewhere while a student at SPU, completing graduation checklists, and awarding honors and degrees.
Meet your academic counselor.

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