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Withdrawal From Classes
The policy for withdrawing from a class is as follows:
  • A withdrawal from a course during the first week of the quarter will not appear on the transcript.
  • A withdrawal from a course during weeks two through six of the quarter will be noted with a “W” on the transcript.
  • No withdrawals are accepted after the sixth week of the quarter.
  • If a student does not provide proper written notification to Student Academic Services, financial obligations will remain binding, regardless of whether classes were attended or whether any contracted services were utilized.
  • If a student does not withdraw from a course by the end of the sixth week of the quarter, but stops attending the course, the student will receive the grade earned.
  • Should the student desire to complete the course during a future quarter, the student will be required to register and pay the current tuition for the course.
  • After the fifth day of the quarter the student must obtain the required signatures on a Withdrawal form.  The Withdrawal form can be found in the Forms Section of the Student Academic Services website.
Complete Withdrawal From School
A student withdrawing from Seattle Pacific University must submit a written request to Student Academic Services or withdraw via the web. The web withdrawal is available only until 5 p.m. on the fifth day of an academic quarter. Refunds and adjustments to the student’s account are governed by the financial policies listed in the Costs and Financial Aid section.

A student who registers but does not attend classes must notify Student Academic Services in writing to cancel his or her registration and related charges. The date this notice is received will determine the amount of refund where applicable. After the fifth day of the quarter the student must submit the appropriate withdrawal form.

If a student fails to withdraw through Student Academic Services by the end of the sixth week of the quarter, the student will receive the grade earned.

To be eligible for a refund of parking fees, the student must inform the Office of Safety and Security. Parking refunds are calculated in accordance with the tuition refund policy.
Administrative Withdrawals Requested by Instructors
If an instructor or advisor receives notification that an SPU student will not be attending, the instructor may contact Student Academic Services and request that the student be administratively withdrawn from the course.

If a student does not attend class within the first two days of the quarter, an instructor may ask Student Academic Services to administratively withdraw a student from the class. If a student knows that he or she will miss the first class, it is best to notify the instructor to avoid being withdrawn from the class.
Administrative Withdrawals Requested by Student Financial Services
Student Financial Services has the right to have a student completely withdrawn from classes due to an unpaid balance.
Leave Of Absence
A student may need to take a leave of absence from SPU for financial reasons, or due to illness within the family, a medical reason, or special educational opportunities not available at Seattle Pacific University.

A student must fill out and return a Leave of Absence Application (PDF), including a date, signature, and statement of reason(s) for requesting the leave of absence and return it to Student Academic Services. Students must notify Student Financial Services about any change in their planned period of enrollment, whether due to withdrawal from a class, a leave of absence, or withdrawal from the University. The specific requirements by which the student agreed to abide at the time any financial aid was accepted will remain in effect.

  • Students do not apply for readmission to SPU if they take a leave of fewer than four quarters. The student will be responsible to complete the same degree requirements as expected upon his or her first quarter of matriculation at the University.
  • An associate degree completed during a leave of absence of fewer than four quarters will not be recognized by the University.
  • Students approved for leave will maintain their priority registration appointment upon their return to SPU.
  • If a student plans to attend another college while on leave, the student must gain prior approval for courses from an undergraduate academic counselor in Student Academic Services. Official transcripts should be sent to Student Academic Services for credit evaluation according to transfer policy.
Leave of absence’s impact on financial aid
If a student is receiving federal financial aid and withdraws or takes a leave of absence from the University, the student may be subject to the federal Return of Title IV and state financial-aid return policies and to the terms of their student loan(s).  (International students are bound by particular federal laws with regard to leave of absence; therefore this policy does not apply to them.)

While a student is on leave of absence, the University will report the student’s enrollment status to lenders and loan service entities as “not attending,” and a student loan borrower’s grace period will begin. Students on an SPU leave of absence who do not attend school elsewhere for two consecutive quarters (including summer), or who attend another institution less than half time for two or more consecutive quarters (including summer) will be expected to begin repayment on some or all of their loans. Students are advised to contact their lender(s) regarding their enrollment plans and for repayment information and grace period expiration.

Additional leave of absence requirements:
  • Students are not eligible to reside on campus, attend classes, or participate in regular campus activities during their leave.
  • Students are responsible for all prior arrangements with applicable student service offices (i.e., Student Financial Services, Student Academic Services, University Services, Residence Life, Athletics, etc.)
  • Students must keep the University apprised of their current contact information, including mailing address and phone number, while on leave.
  • Students must meet all regular University deadlines for registration, housing reservations, financial aid applications, and similar matters. Financial aid/scholarship awards and University housing reservations do not automatically carry over.
What if I want to take classes at another school after I start attending SPU?
It is required that you to communicate your plans with your academic counselor before enrolling at another institution, as there are limitations on transfer courses. All students should complete the Application for Studying Away (accessible through the Forms Section of the Student Academic Services website) to receive official approval that the courses they plan to take will transfer back to SPU. If you enroll in classes at other institutions after you begin attending SPU, it is your responsibility to request that official transcripts of your course work be sent to Student Academic Services.
If I get a bad grade in a class at SPU, can I take the class at another school and transfer it to SPU
If you received credit for the class at SPU, (that is, if you earned a grade of D or better), you cannot repeat the class somewhere else and have it transferred to SPU because you cannot receive credit for the same class twice. If you fail a class at SPU (earned a grade of E), you do not receive credit for the course, so you may be able to repeat it at another school and transfer the course to SPU. However, repeating a class elsewhere will not change your SPU grade point average.
Always consult with your undergraduate academic counselor before registering for a class at another school.
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