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When do I register for classes each quarter?


Registration takes place around the seventh week of each preceding quarter. During registration week, currently enrolled students can register before non-matriculated students and newly admitted students.

Registration appointments for students with senior standing are followed by appointments for juniors, sophomores, and then freshmen. Within each class, students are assigned times to register based on the number of credits they have completed. Therefore, you may register at 1 p.m. one quarter and at 7 p.m. the next.

Registering at your appointed time (or as soon as possible thereafter) will give you the best chance at your first-choice classes, Registering via the web, or using a “Mail/Fax-In Registration Form” allows you to take advantage of the registration period even if you are away from campus during your appointed registration time.

During the fourth or fifth week of Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters, currently enrolled students are sent an email notification from Student Academic Services. The notification directs students to view online their assigned registration appointment time and any registration holds that would keep them from being able to register for classes.

In the two- to three-week interim between the time you receive your registration notification and the date for your registration appointment, take care of any registration holds, select courses that will fulfill your general and major degree requirements (be prepared with several alternate classes), and meet with your faculty advisor to discuss your course selections and progress toward meeting degree requirements.

Note: To register for classes, all students who have not declared a major must either have their faculty advisor’s signature on the registration form, or must have the faculty advisor remove the advisor hold from the computer system.

Registering, Adding, and Dropping Classes


Students may register, add, or drop classes starting at their registration appointment time, through 11:59 p.m. on the fifth day of the quarter. Internships, Independent Studies, and Individual Instruction in music have an extended deadline of the 10th day of the quarter. If forms are required they must be completed and filed with Student Academic Services no later than 4:30 p.m. To view the official registration dates, view the academic dates calendar for the current academic year from the Calendar and Events webpage.

Registration Errors


If you encounter an error during your registration process view our registration error key that will help you with any registration errors that you may encounter during the registration process on the Web.

Waitlist Information


SPU students have the option of waitlisting any classes that are closed. As space becomes available in closed classes, waitlisted students will be registered on a first-come basis. (If you have extenuating circumstances, please email the instructor of the course explaining your particular situation.)

  • If a spot opens up for you, Banner will generate an email to you with a deadline for you to take action on your registration. Typically, this deadline will be 24 hours, however it may be extended for breaks.
  • After Banner emails you about an opening, and you still want the spot in the course, you will access your own registration in self-service Banner and add yourself to the course.
  • Important notes:
    • You will no longer need to designate 1st waitlist, 2nd waitlist, or “drop if get into waitlisted course” instructions. When you register for the open spot you may need to drop yourself from another course if the course is a duplicate, there is a time conflict, or if you have too many credits.
    • If you miss your window to register for the course you will need to re-add yourself to the waitlist. When you re-add yourself you will be added to the bottom of the waitlist.
    • Time conflicts will require an instructor override be entered on both courses affected in Banner before you can register.  The instructors can enter the override themselves, can direct SAS to enter an override via email or the instructors can sign a Special Approval form which can be brought into SAS that gives SAS permission to enter an override.
    • Max Credits:  If you will be registering for more than the allowed 18 credits then you will need to have permission from Student Academic Services to have your max credit limit increased before you can register for courses that take you above 18 credits. Please email, and we will let you know if your request requires a petition.
    • Check your SPU email: The only way you will be notified of a waitlist opening is by a Banner generated email to your SPU email address.  Banner will not generate an email to an off-campus email address.

Students may waitlist a class via the web or by coming in person to Student Academic Services, Demaray Hall 151.

The waitlist is in effect from the first day of registration; it ends on the 5th day of the quarter. See the Academic Calendar to find out when the waitlist ends each quarter. Student Academic Services will begin running the waitlist after a buffer week that follows registration week.
The buffer week gives departments a chance to address course needs. During this time, new sections and seats can be added before Banner starts processing the waitlist. This also gives departments a chance to evaluate the students on the waitlists as well. For example, on occasion, a senior who needs a particular course to graduate might be moved up the waitlist over a sophomore who still has more time to take the course.

If you have additional questions about the waitlist process, contact Student Academic Services at or 206-281-2031.

How do I waitlist a class?


  • Select the “Registration and Schedules Menu” under the “Student Menu” in Banner
  • Select the “Register, Add and Drop Classes” link, and enter the Course Reference Number (CRN) for the desired course.
  • Click on “Submit Changes,” and the “registration error” message will appear, indicating how many students are waitlisted for the course.
  • From the drop down menu, select “Waitlist.” If you do not select and save this option, you will not be waitlisted for the course.
To check your registration, select “detail schedule” and all the courses you are currently waitlisted or registered for should appear. Status block should say “Waitlist” for your waitlisted courses.

How do I drop a waitlisted class?


If you have changed your mind about the course, please go into your registration and drop yourself from the waitlist. Keeping yourself on waitlists for unwanted courses may prevent other students from being able to get into the course.


Select “Drop via Web” in the action block of the “Register, Add or Drop Classes” link in the “Registration and Schedules Menu.”

Dropped Classes Policy


Students have the option to drop classes through the sixth week of the quarter. The following guidelines pertain to dropping a course:
  • A withdrawal from a course during the first week of the quarter will not appear on the transcript.
  • A withdrawal from a course during the second through sixth week of the quarter will be noted with a “W” on the transcript.
  • No withdrawals are accepted after the sixth week of the quarter.
  • If a student does not provide proper written notification to Student Academic Services, financial obligations will remain binding, regardless of whether classes were attended or whether any contracted services were utilized.
  • If a student does not withdraw from a course by the end of the sixth week of the quarter, but stops attending the course, the student will receive the grade earned.
  • Should the student desire to complete the course during a future quarter, the student will be required to register and pay the current tuition for the course.
  • After the fifth day of the quarter the student must obtain the required signatures to withdraw from a course. Withdrawal forms (PDF) are available here.
Refund is calculated by percentage, and explained in the Costs and Financial Aid section of the Undergraduate Catalog.

How do I change credits in my variable credit course?


Some courses are set up by a department to allow the student the option of choosing the number of how many credits for which to take a course for. When a student registers for a variable credit course, it automatically defaults to the lowest number of credits available.

To change the number of credits, click on the “Registration and Schedules Menu” under the “Student Menu” of the Banner Information System. Click on “Change Class Options”, and the courses you have registered for under the selected term will appear. From the drop down menu next to “credits,” the credit total options will be listed. Click on the credit total you desire, then press “submit changes” at the bottom of the page. To verify that you have changed the information you may select “Detail Schedule” from the “Registration and Schedules Menu”

What courses do not have an extended registration deadline?


The regular deadline requires students to be registered for all other courses, these include:
  1. All lecture, lab and seminar courses
  2. Special Topics (4950)
  3. Senior Seminars
  4. Newspaper Production
  5. Music ensembles, and performance groups
If you have additional questions, contact Student Academic Services at , 206-281-2031, or in Demaray Hall 151.

What courses have the extended registration deadline of the 10th day of the quarter?


SPU has decided that students may register for specific courses after the regular registration deadline as a benefit to the student, to allow more time to obtain the required signatures or permissions. It is always to the student’s benefit to obtain the permissions as promptly as possible, as it can take several days or weeks to get the necessary permissions. Courses that are approved for the extended deadline, 10th day of the quarter:
  1. Internships ( 4940/6940) (UG/GR): Most require the Internship Learning Form (PDF; worksheet only).
  2. Independent Study (4900/6900): Requires the Independent Study Agreement (PDF).
  3. Individual Instruction in Music: Requires a one-on-one session with the instructor.
  4. Individual Practicums (4930): Such as TA work, which require the Special Approval Form (PDF).
  5. Learning Assistant Courses, which require the Special Approval Form (PDF).
  6. Special Projects (4960): Usually requires the Special Approval Form (PDF).
  7. Independent Research (497X) and Research Experience (PSY 2361)
  8. Independent Readings (4920): Requires the Independent Study Agreement (PDF).
  9. Certain music performance groups.
  10. Theatre Performance Practicum (1930/3930) and Production Practicum (1931/3931).
  11. Dissertation (7995/7999)
The web registration deadline is 11:59 p.m., the 10th day of the quarter. All paperwork, if applicable, including the appropriate signatures must be submitted to the registration office by 4:30 p.m.. Official registration deadlines are available online, on the Academic Calendar

What are my holds and how do I resolve them?


SPU requires students be in good standing with the University before being allowed to register for each future quarter. Students are notified three weeks in advance of their registration appointment time to allow them the opportunity to resolve their holds in a timely manner. To view holds:
  • Go to the “Registration and Schedules Menu” under the “Student Menu” of the Banner Information System.
  • Click on “View Registration Holds,” and any holds on your account will be listed, along with the department initiating the hold.
Common holds include: After a student registers, any additional holds will prevent online registration activity, and changes would need to be made in person or in writing to Student Academic Services. You will not be allowed to register until all registration holds have been resolved.

What courses can I audit?


Please note, that auditing a course will not count towards a major/degree requirement.

An auditor is a student who pays for, and attends, class but doesn’t want to receive credit. Tuition rates for auditors are the same per credit as for those receiving credit.
  • With instructor approval, students may register and pay to audit any undergraduate course and most 6000-level courses.
  • Students may change from audit to credit or vice versa during the quarterly add period published in the University Calendar.
  • Auditors may neither participate in class discussions nor take examinations.
  • If they do daily assignments, the instructor is under no obligation to read or correct them.
  • Audited courses do not count toward financial aid.
Students dismissed from the University because of low grades, and prospective students who do not qualify for admission, may not register as auditors. A student may receive credit for an audited course only by enrolling in it as a regular student in a subsequent quarter.

Read the SPU Grading Policy.

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