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Calculating GPA
Each letter grade is equivalent to a certain number of “quality points.”  

Here’s how to compute your GPA:  
  1. Multiply the number of credits for each class by the quality points for the assigned grade.   Example:
    Course Grade Credits Quality Points
    ENG 1110 B         =      3.0 5                 = 15.0
    MAT 1225 A-        =      3.7 5                 = 18.5
    COM 1101 B+       =      3.3 3                 = 9.9
    MUS 1250 C         =      2.0 2                 = 4.0
    15 47.4
  3. Divide the total quality points by the total number of credits for your quarterly GPA.
    Example:  47.4 divided by 15 = 3.16
  5. For your cumulative GPA, divide the total quality points earned at SPU by the total number of credits earned at SPU.

    If you want to raise your GPA, follow the steps below to see if it’s possible during a current quarter:

      Let’s say you have completed 30 credits with a cumulative GPA of 2.93. You are currently enrolled in 15 credits and want to know what GPA you need this quarter to raise your cumulative GPA to 3.0.  
    1. Add the total number of credits you have completed to the total number you plan to complete this quarter.
      Example: 30 completed +15 in progress = 45
    3. Multiply that total by the cumulative GPA you want to attain.
      Example:  45 X 3.0 = 135

       This is the cumulative total number of quality points you want to achieve by the end of the quarter.
    5. Subtract the number of quality points you have already earned (30 X 2.93 = 87.9) from the total you need at the end of the quarter.
       Example: 135 - 87.9 = 47.1

      This is the number of quality points you need this quarter.
    6. Divide the number of quality points you need this quarter by the number of credits you are taking this quarter to see what GPA you need to achieve your goal. Example: 47.1 divided by 15 = 3.14 If you earn at least a 3.14 this quarter, your cumulative GPA will be 3.0.
How to order a transcript:
If I repeat a class at SPU, will the old grade be removed from my transcript?
SPU courses can only be repeated once, unless the course is specifically listed as being repeatable. While both grades eared will continue to show on the transcript, the highest grade earned will apply to both the GPA for graduation and for honors at graduation.
Dean’s List or Quarterly Honors
Quarterly honors are awarded to undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students in good standing who have completed at least 12 credits of work in the given quarter and attained a 3.5 or higher grade point average.

Students who have earned any of the following grades will not qualify for honors: E, NC, I, or N. However, once the temporary grade of “N” or “I” has been replaced by the grade earned, honors may be awarded to qualified students.
Graduation Honors
Graduation Honors Baccalaureate degrees will be conferred with honors for undergraduate students based on the following criteria:
  • The student must have completed 75 quarter hours in residence with junior and senior standing at SPU.
  • Honors are based on the SPU GPA only.
  • All courses taken at SPU (except ESL and other courses numbered below 1000) are included in the GPA for honors and must meet the minimum grade point average required for the honor.
Honors for post-baccalaureate students require the minimum GPA in the entire work necessary for the degree, including the 45 credits required in residence at SPU.

More information can be found in the Academic Honors section of the Undergraduate Catalog.  Academic Honors can be found in the Grading Secion of Academic Policies and Procedures.
Honor Grade Point Average
Cum Laude 3.50-3.74
Magna Cum Laude 3.75-3.89
Summa Cum Laude 3.90-4.00

Students must meet the graduation application deadlines to have honors appear in the Commencement program. Graduation honors are computed for the Commencement program on the basis of work completed through Winter Quarter for Spring Quarter graduates.

Students who complete degrees during Summer Session(s) are not eligible for recognition until completion of all degree requirements. Their honors do not appear in the Commencement program, and they are not eligible to wear honor cords during the Commencement ceremony.
The President’s Citation
The President’s Citation is awarded each year to a graduating senior who has demonstrated distinguished academic achievement in the context of a Christian liberal arts program. To be eligible for this award:
  • The student must have taken all of his or her university work at SPU.
  • The student must have adhered consistently to the ideals of the University.
  • The president will make the selection.
Alpha Kappa Sigma
Undergraduate students who have earned 90 credits at SPU and who are in the top 10 percent of the graduating class are eligible for election to the honor society Alpha Kappa Sigma.

This honor society has chapters in all the colleges of SPU’s sponsoring denomination. During their senior year, candidates are recommended by an academic policies committee and elected by vote of the faculty.
The Ivy Honorary, a chapter of National Mortarboard Inc., selects students for membership at the end of their junior year who has distinguished themselves through scholarship, leadership, and service. Other SPU honoraries include:
  • Centurions (men’s service honorary)
  • Falconettes (women’ service honorary)
  • Order of the S (athletics)
  • Sigma Beta Delta (business)
  • Pi Kappa Delta (speech)
  • Alpha Psi Omega (drama)
  • Mu Phi Epsilon (music)
  • Lambda Iota Tau (English)
  • Servant Scholar of the Year (Student Life)
Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities
SPU seniors elected to Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities each year are graduates who will graduate from SPU with a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or above, uphold the ideals of SPU, and demonstrate leadership in co-curricular activities. Candidates are recommended during their senior year by the faculty.
Enrollment Status
Enrollment status for undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students is determined by the following:

12–18 credits full time
9–11 credits three-quarter time
6–8 credits half time
1–5 credits less than half time

Twelve to 18 credits are considered a regular academic load for undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students. Although Summer Session consists of more than one session, to be considered full-time a student must be registered for at least 12 credits within the entire Summer Session. To facilitate academic success and aid in the transition from high school to college, the University does not allow freshmen to register for more than 18 credits.

By special permission from the University registrar, undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students who maintain a high scholarship standard may be permitted to register for as many as 20 credits.  There is an additional tuition charge for 19 or more credits.

Courses taken concurrently by distance learning, correspondence or extension in another institution, and non-credit courses count as part of the academic load. These courses do not count in regular undergraduate tuition and may not count in financial aid. The University will not transfer credits taken elsewhere if the joint total of those credits combined with credits taken at SPU exceeds 20 credits in any given term.  Concurrent enrollment during fall, winter, and spring quarters is not permitted under SPU's transfer policy.  Students with extraordinary circumstances should contact their academic counselor about petition options.

Students who are registered for less than a full-time academic load are not eligible to be rated for scholarship honors.

To participate in extra-curricular activities, students must maintain a satisfactory cumulative grade point average. Consult the Office of Student Life for specific requirements.
What is my student class status?
Matriculated (admitted) students are classified at the beginning of each quarter according to the following designations:
  • Freshman 1–44 earned credits; includes SPU and transfer work accepted
  • Sophomore 45–89 earned credits; includes SPU and transfer work accepted
  • Junior 90–134 earned credits; includes SPU and transfer work accepted
  • Senior minimum 135 earned credits (includes SPU and transfer work accepted).
Senior status does not necessarily ensure graduation with that class.
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