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Student Academic Services: Transfer Course Equivalency Guide

The Seattle Pacific University Transfer Course Equivalency Guide has been designed to show you how credit from other institutions and approved testing programs generally transfers to SPU.

Information for Current SPU Students:

Students admitted to SPU during or after Summer 2013 must adhere to the policies regarding timing of transfer work and limitation of transfer credits after matriculation as outlined in the Academic Policies and Procedures section of the online catalog.  Post matriculation, students are limited to 20 credits transfer credits, and cannot take any credits outside of SPU during a quarter in which they are enrolled at SPU.  Students who wish to take a course elsewhere after matriculation at SPU must first have a discussion with their Undergraduate Academic Counselor.  If the request falls within policy guidelines, the academic counselor will provide them the appropriate paperwork. 

Students admitted to SPU Spring 2013 or prior must seek approval from their Undergraduate Academic Counselor and complete the Study Away Application prior to registering for a course at another institution or taking an exam through a testing program.

For all students, courses in the equivalency guide are not guaranteed to transfer without prior approval.

Information for Prospective Students:

Students who begin classes at SPU after completing an approved Direct Transfer Agreement associate degree have fulfilled all University Core and Exploratory Curriculum requirements, as well as the general education foreign language requirement. Courses listed as non-transferable may transfer as part of the DTA degree. An associate degree completed after matriculation at SPU will not be recognized. Prospective Students with questions about course transferability should contact the Undergraduate Admissions office.

How do I use this system?

  1. Select the State Country or "Testing Programs" (for IB/AP/CLEP)
    Note: General information about the transfer of credit for AP, CLEP, and IB score reports can also be found in the University Catalog under Admissions.
  2. Select the institution name or program

Learn how to interpret the Transfer Course Equivalency Guide.

State / Program / Country:    Institution / Test:

Saddleback College Course   Equivalent Seattle Pacific University Course
ACCT 1A Financial Accounting 4    ACCT 2361 Financial Accounting 6
ANTH 2 Cultural Anthroplogy 3    ANT 2250 Cultural Anthropology 4.5 CUE SSA WKSS
ART 170 Intro to Screen Printing 3    SPU LDEL Lower Division Elective 4.5
ART 20 Art Appreciation 3    SPGE LWKA Lower Division WKA 4.5 AHA WKA
ART 25 Art History: Ancnt Wrld-Gothic 3    ART 2602 West Trad I:Ancient&Medvl Art 4.5 AHA WKA
ART 26 Art History: Renaissnc-Modrn 3    ART 2603 West Trad II:Art since Renssnc 4.5 AHA WKA
ART 80 Drawing I 3    ART 1102 Drawng Studio:Observtn&Realism 4.5 AHA WKA
ASTR 20 General Astronomy 3    PHY 1135 Astronomy:Individual & Univers 4.5 NSB WKFS
BIO 11 Human Anatomy 4   This course transfers as ONE of the following options:
  • BIO 2129 if w/BIO 12 6 NSA WKAS
  • SPGE LWKAS Lower Division WKAS 6 NSA WKAS
    BIO 12 Human Physiology 4   This course transfers as ONE of the following options:
  • BIO 2130 if w/BIO 11 6 NSA
  • SPGE LWKAS Lower Division WKAS 6 NSA WKAS
    BIO 20 Intro to Biology 4    BIO 1101 Biological Fundamentals 6 NSA WKFS
    BUS 1 Intro to Business 3    SPU LDEL Lower Division Elective 4.5
    BUS 102 Oral Business Techniques 3    SPU LDEL Lower Division Elective 4.5
    CA 30 History of Film 3    SPGE LWKA Lower Division WKA 4.5 AHA WKA
    CTVR 3 History/Apprec US Cinema 3    SPGE LWKA Lower Division WKA 4.5 AHA WKA
    ENG 1A Prin of Composition 1 3    WRI 1000 Academic Inquiry and Writing 4.5 ENGL WRIA
    ENG 1B Principles of Composition II 3    SPU LDEL Lower Division Elective 4.5 ENGL
    ES 1 Mult Exp in the US 3    SPGE LCUE Cultural Understand&Engage(LD) 4.5 CUE
    GEOL 7 Weather and Climate 3    SPGE LWKAS Lower Division WKAS 4.5 WKAS
    HIST 17 US Hist Since 1876 3    HIS 2503 The United States Since 1876 4.5 SSB WKSS
    HIST 5 World History from 1750 3    UCOR 2000 Emergnce of Modrn Global Systm 4.5 COR2
    ITA 1 Elementary Italian 5    SPU LDEL Lower Division Elective 7.5
    MATH 10 Intro to Statistics 3    MAT 2360 Intro to Stats for Sciences 4.5 MAT WKQR
    MS 20 Intro to Oceanography 4    BIO 1145 Oceanography 6 NSB WKFS
    PE 2 Strength Training 2    SPU LDEL Lower Division Elective 3
    PE 77 Intermed Volleyball 1    SPU LDEL Lower Division Elective 1.5
    PS 1 American Government 3    POL 1120 American Government & Politics 4.5 SSB WKSS
    PSYC 1 Introduction to Psychology 3    PSY 1180 Gen Psych:Individual in Growth 4.5 SSA WKSS
    PSYC 16 Intro to Cross-Cultural Psych 3    PSY 3410 Cross-Cultural Psychology (LD) 4.5 CUE
    PSYC 30 Social Psychology 3    PSY 3438 Social Psychology (LD) 4.5
    PSYC 7 Child/Adol Dev Psych 3    SPU LDEL Lower Division Elective 4.5
    SOC 1 Intro to Sociology 3    SOC 1110 Introduction to Sociology 4.5 SSA WKSS
    SOC 10 Intro to Marriage & Family 3    SOC 2252 Marriage and the Family 4.5
    SOC 2 Social Problems 3    SOC LDEL Lower Division Elective 4.5
    SP 1 Communication Fundamentals 3    COM 1321 Public Speaking 4.5 AHB WKH
    SP 3 Argumentation/Debate 3    COM 2323 Argumentation:Art of Inference 4.5
    TA 20 Theatre Appreciation 3    SPGE LWKA Lower Division WKA 4.5 AHA WKA

    Note: Some approved Engineering courses may not apply toward the Electrical Engineering major due to ABET accreditation. Please see the Electrical Engineering Department Chair (