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Phone: 206-281-2031
Fax: 206-281-2669

Student Academic Services: Meet the Team

Technology Services


The SAS Technology Team serves the academic departments by providing student data reporting. They serve SPU in the following ways:

  • Grant access to appropriate faculty and staff to existing reporting for lists of students intended or admitted to a major or minor for that department.
  • Provide reports that answer the question “I need a list of students who…”, based on current data to faculty or staff with an approved IRB or demonstrated business nee.
  • Partner with employees who need Administrative Banner training to use the student module of Banner.
  • Answer questions about the online major application or the online change of grade functionality.
  • Be a resource for issues that arise with the Registration and Degree Check functionality in Self-Service Banner.
  • Serves on the cross-departmental Systems and Data Management Group to oversee systems and data for SPU.
  • Responsible for institutional reporting to the National Student Clearinghouse.

You can contact our team at 


Serena Severance
Associate Registrar, Technology

B.A. in Theatre from Seattle Pacific University, 2002.
M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from Seattle Pacific University, 2008.
Joined SPU staff in 2002, has been in SAS since 2002 
Phone: 206-281-2840

Chad Steele

Chad Steele

Senior Student Systems Analyst

B.A. in History, Seattle Pacific University, 2003.

Joined SPU staff in 2003, has been in SAS since 2003
Phone: 206-281-2576

Torrey Landgraf

Torrey Landgraf

Senior Student Systems Analyst

B.S. in Computer Science, Benedictine University, 2000.

Joined SPU staff in 2001, has been in SAS since 2001
Phone: 206-281-2673