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Information for Non-Matriculated Students

Students who are not seeking a degree at Seattle Pacific, but who wish to take courses, can do so as a non-matriculated student.

Policy issues surrounding NM status:

  • There is no application fee to become non-matriculated.
  • The maximum credit load per quarter is 20 credits for undergraduate students and 15 for graduate students.
  • No more than 45 credits taken as a non-matriculated student may apply toward an undergraduate degree.
  • No more than 15 such credits may be applied to a post-baccalaureate degree.
  • No more than 9 such credits may be applied to a graduate degree — although some graduate degrees differ in maximum credit amount.
  • If you decide that you’d like to work on a degree or certificate program at SPU, you will be required to go through the normal admissions process.

Registration for Non-Matriculated Students

To register as a NM student, students must complete our registration form (PDF) and submit it to Student Academic Services (SAS) for processing.

The registration form requires the student’s social security number, birth date, requested courses, and signature. It is important to indicate all current contact information so that you may receive information from our university departments.

Other things to consider:

  • A non-matriculated student may not register for classes until all continuing students have had a chance to register. See the Academic Calendar for specific dates each quarter.
  • International students whose first language is other than English must submit an official TOEFL, IELTS, or ACE score before registering (click here for score requirements) and must pay for their courses at the point of registration..
  • Non-matriculated International students are required to submit required government documentation to the International Student Services office no later than the first day of the quarter in which they are enrolled.
  • For Autumn Quarter, non-matriculated students may begin registering on September 1, or the first business day in September.
  • If your desired course requires you have completed pre-requisites, please submit either an official or unofficial transcript with your registration form so we may verify you have met said requirements.
  • Non-matriculated students are not eligible to receive financial aid and will pay for courses on a per-credit basis.
  • If you are a veteran student, you may not be able to receive benefits through the G.I. Bill.

Course Selection

Course selection can be found in the online Time Schedule.

Note: Some courses may not be offered to non-matriculated students and/or some courses may have registration restrictions attached. In either case, the student must request special permission from the appropriate department.

Non-Matriculated Student Handbook

Once registered this handbook will provide you with information on registration, paying your bill, and other SPU services that are available for you.