Summer 2013 Courses at SPU:
Open to Business Leaders
and Church Leaders

This summer, the CIB and Center for Biblical and Theological Education are joining forces to offer two courses for business leaders, pastors and church leaders, and seminarians and theology students. Topics include a faith-based approach to business, workplace theology, and effective cultural engagement in the public sphere.

Burning Issues: Spiritual Capital

June 17–20 (Mon–Thu), 4–9 p.m.

Location: McKenna 118 (SPU campus)
Cost: $125 (includes two Continuing Education Units if desired; also available for seminary credit)
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Faculty Headshot

Bruce Baker, PhD
SPU Assistant Professor of Business Ethics;
SPU Adjunct Instructor of Church Administration


Course Description: How is the Trinitarian God of grace revealed in human organizations? How can we cultivate the fruit of the Spirit in and through the social fabric of our workplaces and ministries? Much has been written about social capital, but in this course we move beyond those inquiries to develop a Christian understanding of spiritual capital and embark on a journey of exploration into a theology of culture — specifically, the social relationships formed in communities of work. We confront the tensions of Christian faith: the eschatological paradox of already/not-yet, the doctrines of common and special grace, and the interplay of human nature and reason with the movement of the Spirit.

A Trinitarian understanding of human nature grounded in the mediation of Christ is essential to this quest, and we will see how this theological understanding of spiritual capital informs organizational development, management, team-building, and enterprises of all kinds. Then we will apply it to real-world case studies to test our ideas and bring edifying lessons to life.

Burning Issues: A Theology of Business

June 24–28 (Mon–Fri), 8:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

Location: Cremona 202 (SPU campus)
Cost: $125 (includes two Continuing Education Units if desired; also available for seminary credit)
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Faculty Headshot Jeff Van Duzer, JD, Provost; Former Dean, SPU School of Business and Economics; author of Why Business Matters to God (And What Still Needs to Be Fixed)
Daniel Castelo Daniel Castelo, PhD, Associate Professor of Theology; author of Theological Theodicy


Course Description: This course seeks to offer another way of doing business by situating business, its practices, and its purposes within the Triune God's creative and redemptive purposes. We will move through distinct moments of Scripture's metanarrative and attempt to locate business and the marketplace within this story. What emerges is an approach to business that recognizes matters related to vocation, human flourishing and generativity, the economy, creation-care, and love and service to neighbor.

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Daniel Castelo


Why I Teach at SPU

Daniel Castelo, Associate Professor of Theology

“I teach at SPU because historically and currently this place promotes and embodies a kind of evangelical catholicity. We value the transformation of the heart, the urgency of both holy reasoning and mission, and the call to lead a sanctified life. These commitments can be fostered in a number of church traditions, and SPU recognizes this reality because of its Wesleyan heritage.”


Bruce Baker


Why I Teach at SPU

Bruce Baker, Assistant Professor of Business Ethics

"It’s a calling. By God’s grace I’ve been invited to serve in this richly rewarding work that weaves together my business experience, theological studies, and pastoral ministry. To take part in transforma- tional moments of learning and growth in Christ is a profound privilege, and a calling which deepens my awareness of and need for his grace."