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Winter Registration Edition / November 2008
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Upcoming Events and Deadlines
      Jeff Van Duzer to speak this Sunday at "KALEO"

       Application to major "window" December 20 to January 20
  Student Financial Services offers scholarships, apply online!


Advising & Registration
       Who should take BUS 1600 Intro to Business Practice?
      BUS 3950 Spirituality and Business: two winter offerings
Non-SBE business classes: CSC 1123, GS 3001, MAT 1360

       Registration process for BUS 4892 has changed
Winter electives to consider
       Business classes for
Summer 2009 


    Student Organizations
          AUSBE: Pass the donuts please!
          Beta Alpha Psi: What's the WSCPA? 
          IBAC: Events on Boeing and Obama's economics

Center for Applied Learning
          3rd Annual Social Venture Plan Competition
          Mentor Program: space may be limited


Around SBE
          The SBE Lounge construction continues
          Social Enterprise: SBE "distinctive" featured on web

          "New look" SBE Undergraduate eNews

Upcoming Events

Dean Jeff Van Duzer to speak this Sunday

Dean of the School of Business & Economics Jeff Van Duzer will be speaking at KALEO, the First Free Methodist Church's new college class, this Sunday, November 16th at 9:30am. Meet at SPU's Commuter Lounge in the SUB to enjoy a free, delicious breakfast, grab a free KALEO t-shirt, and listen to Dean Van Duzer as he speaks on the topic of "Answering God's Call!" Contact Renee Dudley at or Alison Howard at with any questions.

Apply to SBE Majors December 20th to January 20th

Autumn quarter grades are due from the faculty by Friday, December 19th.  So if you are intending to apply to an SBE major (Accounting, Business Administration or Economics), you can go online to our application form and fill it out once you get your grades. The once-a-year deadline for submitting your SBE major application is Tuesday, January 20, 2009.  You can review the admission requirements and preview the application form here

Student Financial Services Offers 2009-2010 Scholarships:  Apply Online Now!

School of Business and Economics scholarships are awarded in the spring, but Student Financial Services at SPU has a December 3, 2008 deadline for a special collection of over 70 scholarships which they award.  Will you be a full time UG student next year? Could you use some scholarship money? What are you waiting for? The 2009-2010 SFS Undergrad Scholarship Application is back! Over 70 scholarships will be given out -- but only one online application form needs to be filled out.

This is for current SPU students only. Money has been donated to SPU for these scholarships.  Apply online now!  All scholarship application materials are due, Wednesday, December 3, at 4:30pm.  SFS will not be able to accept late applications. Contact Whitney Kruse, Program Manager of Grants and Scholarships at

(206) 281-2467 or if you have questions.


 Advising and Registration

Who should take BUS 1600 Introduction to Business Practice?

The short answer to that initial question is, (1) anyone looking for a practical overview of business, and (2) anyone ready for a great introductory business course to begin their Minor in Business Administration. 

The SBE faculty have talked about a course like this for many years.  Now there's a course that looks at the big picture of business from the standpoint developing a product or service and delivering it to the customers. This is a new offering in SBE. It would be a great option for students who are still considering business as a major or who want to include it in their Business Administration minor – or who simply want to be better informed about how business works.  It counts as a “Social Science B” course in the SPU Exploratory Curriculum.  

BUS 1600 will be offered on Tuesday and Thursday mornings,10:30-12:20 during winter quarter only this year (CRN #26066). Here's its full course description.


Students will be introduced to the purpose and practice of business, with an emphasis on evaluating the goods and services provided by business as well as the employment practices of business. Student will develop their understanding of the interrelationships between financial information systems, product development, marketing and management. This course is intended for business minors and others interested in exploring the role of business in society.

Two BUS 3950 Spirituality and Business offerings for Winter 2009

Again next quarter, SBE will offer two sections of BUS 3950.  Many Business Administration students choose to complete three of these 1-credit courses to satisfy their "Signature Experience" requirement.  Both of these topics have been offered in previous years so be aware that each of the three sections you take need to be in unique areas.

Dr. Al Erisman's section will be very early in winter quarter, meeting on Friday night and Saturday of the first weekend of the quarter, January 9 and 10.  Dr. Randy Franz' section will meet a month later on February 6 and 7. 

CRN: 25541

Dr. Al Erisman
Science/Brain/Faith and Business


6:00 PM-9:00 PM, January 9
9:00 AM-4:00 PM, January 10

CRN: 25542

Dr. Randy Franz
Finding Grace and Building Soul in Business


6:00 PM-9:00 PM, February 6
9:00 AM-4:00 PM, February 7


When is a non-business course a business course?

Planning your courses for next quarter (or next year) can be difficult when there are time conflicts or closed classes or other problems.  Here are a few pointers that can help.


Students who look through the Time Schedule and see that BUS 1700 Spreadsheets and BUS 2700 Statistics for Business and Economics are "Not offered this academic year" should not panic.  In place of BUS 1700 be sure to look for CSC 1123 (or consider the waiver option), and remember that this must be taken care of before you register for ACCT 2362, MAT 2700, or BUS 3700.  Two math (MAT) classes may count in place of BUS 2700.  These are MAT 1360 and MAT 2700. 

CSC 1123: Spreadsheets ( WINTER 2009 Sections -- Note: CSC 1123 meets twice a week for only half the quarter. )
CRN: 25425 Philip Prins Mon,Wed 12:30 PM-1:20 PM January 5 through February 4
CRN: 25440 Michael Tindall Mon,Wed 3:00 PM-3:50 PM January 5 through February 4
CRN: 25441 Philip Prins Mon,Wed 12:30 PM-1:20 PM February 9 through March 16


BUS 3910 Internship & Career Strategies is offered each quarter and Business Administration students may also substitute a different 1-credit course for it: GS 3001 Career and Vocational Planning.  (Beginning in 2009-10, BUS 3910 will be numbered BUS 2910.  This has been done to emphasize that this course should be taken well before your junior year.)


Registration process for BUS 4942 Internship Reflection & Professional Development has changed

First of all, Christina McCracken will be on leave winter 2009.  During next quarter only, please see Patty Farmer in her place in the Career Development Center (SUB 2nd) for all things related to BUS 4942.  ( , 281-2679)   Beyond this, there have been a few changes to the registration process for this class.  There is a new Internship Reflection Course Approval Form and registration for BUS 4942 can now be completed online — if you follow the right steps.  Read the updated details online at


Don't overlook these Winter 2009 electives


ECN 3810 Community Economic Development, 3 credits, Wednesday nights.  Romanita Hairston's profile describes her as an "Experienced Non-Profit Leader, Vision Builder, Program Developer, Community Leader and Mentor". She is the Vice President - U.S. Programs at World Vision


BUS 3690 Microfinance, Dr. Kenman Wong will offer this 5 credit course in a unique format.  It is scheduled M,W,F 12:30-1:20pm and includes online content for the remaining contact hours.


BUS 4661 Special Topics in Management , 2 credits,  Wednesdays, 6:00-7:40PM, (starts January 14th).  This course is designed to assist students participating in the Social Venture Plan Competition (SVPC).  Successful completion of the course includes participation in all aspects of the SVPC  through the Showcase event to be held on April 15, 2009 from 3:00 - 6:00 PM in Weter Lounge.

Summer ’09 classes

BUS 3250   Business Finance (Dr. Hess) , 5 credits, June 15 - June 26, M,T,W,Th,F, 8:00am to 12:30pm.

BUS 3541   Marketing and Society (Dr. Schlee), 5 credits, June 15 - July 10, M,T,W,Th, 1:30pm-4:20pm.

BUS 3910 Internship and Career Strategies and BUS 4942 Internship Reflection & Professional Development will also be offered this coming summer.


Student Organizations

AUSBE: The Associated Students of Business and Economics invite you to "Donuts with the Dean"

Donuts with the Dean logoOur Dean, Dr. Jeff Van Duzer, is accessible.  Perhaps we get spoiled by his availability and openness to students.  Be assured that this is a rare commodity among business school deans.  If you were to have a look at his weekly schedule, you'd see that it's packed with business breakfasts, faculty meetings, appointments with business executives and potential donors, and dozens of other important activities.  But Jeff is not one to forget why he's here.  At the AUSBE sponsored, Donuts with the Dean session, Dr. Van Duzer gets to hear from you, our undergraduates, and you can learn from him what's really going on in SBE and SPU.  Maybe he'll tell you what are his favorite board games or what it's like to be half way to 108!  The next Donuts with the Dean will be Tuesday, December 2nd, 9:30-10:20am in the McKenna Conference Room.

BAP logoBeta Alpha Psi: Learn About the Washington State Society of CPAs, Thursday, December 4th

Planning on having a career in finance and/or accounting? Consider taking the CPA exam or the CFA exam. Get information from Washington State professionals on how to better prepare for these exams and learn about the opportunities of being a part of the Washington State Society of CPAs (WSCPA) as a student member. Dinner will be provided.  6:00-7:30pm in the McKenna Conference Room.

 IBAC hosting two events: Boeing factory tour and Obama's economic policies

IBAC, the International Business Awareness Club, is pleased to present these upcoming events for the remainder of Fall quarter.  Make sure to take advantage of these opportunities to learn about global issues of our time--such as globalization, Fair Trade and microfinance.

Friday, November 21st, Company Visit: Boeing - 3:30 pm*
 Mark your calendars!  Join IBAC for a factory tour of Boeing's Everett facilities, including a peak at Boeing's new Dreamliner (787) series!  *Please note that this time is subject to change.

Monday, November 24th
Election Breakdown - 5:00 pm* (Demaray Hall 150) IBAC will be welcoming a surprise guest speaker to discuss Obama's economic policies and their implications on you. *Please note that this time is subject to change.



Center for Applied Learning

Update on the Social Venture Plan Competition


SVPC logoThe 3rd Annual Social Venture Plan Competition (SVPC) will be held on April 15, 2009. Social ventures are enterprises that address two bottom lines: financial and social. They respond to critical social needs while providing sustainable funding. SVPC has proven to be an excellent means of teaching our students how the tools of business can be used to transform good intentions into specific actions.


The winter 2-credit Social Venture course (BUS 4661/CRN 25539) supports students in the development of their plans. It takes students through all phases of developing a social venture plan and provides them with access to experts in marketing, finance, operations and social enterprise overall.  BUS 4661 is taught by both SBE faculty and business executives. The course runs from 6:00 to 7:30pm, Wednesday nights, beginning January 14, 2009. Contact Dr. Don Summers at, or call 206.281.2621 for more information.


In a tough economy, a mentor can be a good friend to have

Considering signing up for the Mentor Program?  Only a few spaces remain for Autumn quarter.  Submit your application soon or wait until winter term.  Applications are available in the Banner Information System under the Student tab.


Around SBE

Lounge TVNew Student Lounge  

The construction phase for the new "SBE Lounge" is nearly complete.  A peek down from the 2nd floor hallway window gives a glimpse of the new space. Wiring and electronics (including a 37" HDTV) will go in next.  Our one delay may be in the arrival of the furniture.  In light of this, if the furniture arrives as late as we expect, we will hold our "grand opening" on January 5th, the first day of winter quarter. 

This new space, created by the partition of the McKenna Computer Lab from its lounge section, will be available to undergraduate students most of the day.  Graduate students, who often come directly from work to their 6:00pm classes in McKenna Hall, will have this as their lounge from 4:30 to 6:00pm Monday through Thursday. 

What are the "Distinctives" of the School of Business and Economics?


Ask the dean and faculty what the "distinctives" of the business school are and you will hear about things like "applied learning", "a theology of business", our tag line "another way of doing business", and perhaps a generic term that holds a variety of meanings: "social enterprise."  


A number of programs fall under the Social Enterprise label.  One is the BUS 3680 Social Enterprise course being taught this quarter by Dr. Franz.  Now you can visit our Social Enterprise web site, and its related Microfinance Initiative site, and learn more about this growing "distinctive" of SBE that cuts across disciplines and marks us as a regional leader in this important aspect of business. 


New look for the SBE Undergraduate eNews

Students can thank Elizabeth Gordon, SBE Undergraduate Coordinator, and Dr. Denise Daniels, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, for guiding (and goading) your eNews editor into finally updating the look and usability of your undergraduate newsletter.   (The seasonal splash of color was Elizabeth's idea.) 

This eNews is being released as both a web page and in email form.  Please email me ( if you have trouble viewing this newsletter or want to give any (hopefully constructive) feedback. Continuous quality improvement must apply to all areas of an organization.  I hope it has finally reached my messy desk.        Dr. Dick Sleight


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