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Respect Your Body Week

A week of expression, action, and education regarding eating and body image issues



Self-Defense Clinic Monday 10/29 6:30-7:30pm Gazebo Room (SUB)
  Cheryl Michaels, Assistant Director of Safety and Emergency Preparedness, will teach personal safety and crime prevention in this one hour seminar. Cheryl Michaels is a nationally certified instructor with Rape Aggression Defense Systems. FREE! Water bottles will be given to attendees.  
Image of Advertising Monday 10/29 7:30-9pm Beegle 201
  Advertising in America has a great impact on what we as Americans believe is acceptable regarding the body. Come view a multi-media presentation and discuss with a panel the impact of advertising on our image of the body. Also, learn how to be a more critical viewer of all forms of media.  
Weight-Lifting Workshop Tuesday 10/30 All Day Royal Brougham Pavilion Weight Room
  Want to learn more about weight-lifting? Want a personalized weight-lifting plan? Drop by the Royal Brougham Weight Room for information and to talk with an Exercise Science practicum student.  
Nourishing Your Busy Body Tuesday 10/30 1-2pm Collegium (Commuter Lounge in the SUB)
  Tired of the same old food? Want to learn how to have a more balanced meal? Join nutrition students in the Collegium for an hour of tasty fun!  
Triune Yoga Tuesday 10/30 6:30-7:30pm 1st Ashton Lobby
  Join Jessie Elenbaas for FREE yoga classes focused on finding a deeper connection to Christ and ourselves through movement and reflection. Classes for all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities.  
Designed by Him... Fearfully and Wonderfully Made! Tuesday 10/30 7:30-9pm Science Building 112
  Kim Crumpler of Uniquely Savvy is a style coach/personal shopper who approaches fashion with the desire to help her clients reflect their lifestyle. Learn to celebrate individuality, to define your style, and to dress for interview/career attire. All ages, genders, shapes, and sizes welcome! A free gift will be given to all attendees!  
Campus-Wide Capture the Flag Tuesday 10/30 9:30pm Streetscape (street between Marston and Martin Square)
  Like the game? Want to learn to play? Come join the fun and de-stress!  
Mind of an Eating Disorder Exhibit Wednesday 10/31 All Day Weter Lounge
  Walk through a three-dimensional exhibit that artfully shows the continuum of eating and body image concerns. Learn, feel and react.  
No Tricks, Just Treats Wednesday 10/31 11-4pm Dorm Lounges
  Happy Halloween! Try some tasty snacks and learn how to make them too.  
Exercising at Home and on the Road Wednesday 10/31 11:30-12:30pm Gazebo Room (SUB)
  Don't have time to go to the gym? No place to work out when you travel? Learn how to have fun exercising at home or away.  
Free Kickboxing Lesson! Wednesday 10/31 5-6pm Martial Sports - 340 W Nickerson St. (right across from Emerson Hall)
  Meet at Martial Sports (across Nickerson St. from Emerson Dorm) and join Jason Purcell as he offers a FREE kickboxing lesson for all SPU students! No special equipment, dress, or skill required.  
Fearlessly You Art Show Thursday 11/1 All Day Weter Lounge
  What does it mean to be Fearlessly You? These artists share their thoughts through painting, photography, sculpture, drawing, poetry, music, and collage.  
Grocery Store Tour Thursday 11/1 1-2pm Ballard Fred Meyer (grocery store entrance) 915 NW 45th St, Seattle, 98107
  Meet an SPU student guide and Sara Rehberg, Registered Dietitian, at the grocery entrance of the Ballard Fred Meyer. We will discuss practical ways to buy groceries with both nutrition and budget in mind. Open to SPU students, faculty, and staff. No obligations to buy.  
Triune Yoga Thursday 11/1 6:30-7:30pm 1st Ashton Lobby
  Miss Tuesday's session or really liked it? Join Jessie Elenbaas for FREE yoga classes focused on finding a deeper connection to Christ and ourselves through movement and reflection. Classes for all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities.  
Embodying Faith (Women Only) Thursday 11/1 7:30-9pm 3rd Moyer Lounge
  Does your body draw your heart into worship? Have you honored the stories your body calls you to remember? A woman's body can bear shame and contempt but also speak of the awe and wonder she is designed to provoke. This event invites you to a time of reflection and celebration so that you may honor the way you uniquely bear the image of God.  
Men's Forum (Men Only) Thursday 11/1 7:30-9pm Gazebo Room (SUB)
  Join other men in discussing what it means to be a fearless man of faith through looking at some Biblical examples.  
Body Fair Friday 11/2 10-2pm Science Building Lobby
  Browse interactive tables with information about food, body, health, exercise and Salsa dancing. FREE! Running and Bike clinics. FREE! Massage.  
!Noche de Salsa! - FREE Lesson, Food, and Fun! Friday 11/2 7-9pm Gazebo Room (SUB)
  Want to learn how to Salsa? Join S.A.L.S.A. club and Steve Crain, Salsa instructor, in a one hour Salsa lesson followed by an hour of dance. Bring some friends and be ready to Salsa! No prior experience or special attire required. All ages, sizes, shapes, and abilities welcome!  


What is this week all about?
This week is a time for the students, staff, and faculty of Seattle Pacific University to challenge the precipitating factors that lead to eating disorders and body image concerns. It is a time to learn, to express, and to be challenged on one's belief about beauty, the body, food, image, and other related issues.

Striving to become the ideal picture of beauty is literally killing men and women all over the world. Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of all mental health disorders and drastically affect relational, intellectual, and emotional functioning. Mass media and advertising have influential power on college campuses, convincing students that having a body like the fashion models will lead to happiness and success. As students strive for this perfect body they find an uncontrollable obsession with weight and food, as well as an impairment of their learning and development. Statistics show that 1 in 5 college women will develop an eating disorder, and that the majority of college women will develop some disordered thoughts and/or behaviors with food and their body. There are fewer statistics on the prevalence of eating disorders in men, but it is agreed that the numbers are increasing rapidly.

The urban culture of Seattle Pacific University is powerfully influenced by the mass media and advertising; therefore, many students on its campus are being held captive by an obsession with food and body. The Respect Your Body Week exists to address this truth and aid this campus to engage a very complex issue in order to enhance the community at large and each student's individual college experience.

What has been done in the past for the Week?

  • Jean Kilbourne spoke, "The Naked Truth,"
  • Lilian Calles Barger spoke, "Redeeming Our Bodies,"
  • Art Exhibit, all art inspired by the human body, by local artist Jamie Abenroth
  • Nutrition Education, walk-through booths, displays, and raffles
  • Body Image Workshops for Men and Women
  • "Most Positive Ad" Campaign
  • The Annual Body Walk, short fun walk promoting a healthy self
  • FreeMotions dance and movement night
  • Great Jeans Giveaway, "Don't fight your genes, get rid of your jeans"
  • Physical Activity offered daily, including: pilates, outdoor workout lead by personal trainer, and Cuban dance night
  • Special theme Group and Chapel
  • Talks for men entitled "Supplements, Food, Fitness"
  • Film viewing of Super Size Me
  • Art expression including:  body maps, play-doh sculptures depicting balance, etc.
  • Pictures of these events are below:


Respect Your Body Photo Albums
2006 2005
2004 2003

Click to view a power point presentation entitled “What Does the Body Do With Food”, compiled and presented by Dr. Kathy Lustyk on February 23, 2005.

Who is behind this week and who organizes it?
A team of Seattle Pacific University students, the Student Counseling Center, the campus dietitian, and various other departments on campus collaborate to plan the Respect Your Body Week.

Here is a list of donors who supported the Respect Your Body Week


  • SPU's ASSP
  • SPU's Campus Bookstore
  • SPU's Campus Ministries
  • SPU's Career Development Center
  • SPU's Office of Academic Affairs
  • SPU's Residence Life
  • SPU's School of Business and Economics
  • SPU's School of Psychology, Family, and Community
  • SPU's Sodexho Campus Dining
  • SPU's Student Counseling Center
  • SPU's Student Programs
  • SPU's Women's Studies Program
  • Ann Litt,
  • Artist & Craftsman Supply
  • Caffe Ladro
  • Communique
  • Curves
  • Dr. Gaile Moe
  • EcoFitness
  • Fred Meyer
  • Gene Juarez Salons
  • Glaceau Vitamin Water
  • Greater Seattle Dietetics Association
  • Gurze Books,
  • Harbor Wholesale Grocery
  • Harvest Logos Bookstore
  • Jamba Juice
  • Les and Jinny Wilson
  • Mark Wilson
  • National Eating Disorders Association
  • Normandy Park Pilates
  • Northwest Outdoor Center
  • PCC
  • Queen Anne Bookstore
  • REI
  • Rock Bottom Brewery
  • Safeway
  • Spiro's Pizza and Pasta
  • The Lilly Foundation
  • The Moore Center, outpatient treatment center in Bellevue, Washington
  • Trader Joe's
  • Upper Crust Catering
  • Young Pilates
  • Z-Lane Graphics


How can one get involved?
There are many ways to get involved. See below for some ideas, but most importantly contact Sara Rehberg, RD, to share your thoughts to determine your involvement . Sara may be reached at 206-286-7101 or

Some of the ways you can be involved include:
As a student of Seattle Pacific University, you could be a member of the planning team which meets regularly and essentially determines the vision of and plans the many details of the week.

As a member of the Seattle Pacific University community you may have a knowledge, skill, insight, resource, or service to offer for the week. For example, you may be a yoga instructor (or just really proficient at it) and you want to lead some yoga sessions during the week. Or you may have a family business that would like to sponsor an event for the week. Or you may be an artist with work related to these issues and you are looking for a place to show it. The options are endless.

Links to information on eating and body image concerns:



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