Bike to Work Campaign

Bike to Work Month, a campaign organized by the Cascade Bicycle Club, one of the biggest bike commuter events on the west coast.  It is an event encouraging employees in the Puget Sound region to ride their bikes to work in support of alternate commuting means. 

We already have one team of faculty and staff from SPU participating in the  campaign (the 'SPU Spinning Past U') who are eager to have more people from SPU help them compete against other schools, like the UW.  Check out their progress


Bike to Work Day, Cascade Bicycle Education Foundation is proud to bring you the annual Starbucks Bike to Work Day, Friday May 19. Thirty-seven commuter stations will be located through out Puget Sound for bike riders to stop and pick up free water bottles, snacks, maps, bicycle commuting information or to have bike checked for free. For more information and the complete list of bike-to-work stations, visit the link to the left. 


How to Register:

The link to the left will connect you with Cascade Bicycle Club's homepage.  Click on 'Group Health Commute Challenge,' and follow the instructions listed. 

The registration deadline for participating is May 31st.

You must commute at least five times round trip between now and May 31st to be eligible to receive any prizes from Cascade.

If you do not know of other people interested in joining a team, contact the Safety and Security office assistant (link below) and she will help you get in touch with other employees who are, or you may sign up as an individual.


You may obtain access to the fac/staff locker rooms in the gym by filling out and returning a SPU participation form to the Safety and Security office before May 31st.   A temporary key will be issued to you for the time you  are commuting. To request a participation form, e-mail  the office assistant at, and one  will be mailed to you.

Safety and Security is also holding a prize drawing in June for all who participate in the campaign.  To enter, simply fill out a SPU Participation form and return it to the Safety and Security office.  Exciting prizes from REI will be announced soon.