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In compliance with Washington State's Commute Trip Reduction Law the University offers a variety of programs to encourage employees to find alternative methods of commuting to SPU. In order to qualify for the programs you must be a full time, 32hrs/wk or more, regular employee and use an alternative method of transportation at least three times a week.

Walk/Bike to Work
If you walk or bike to work the University will cover the monthly fee for a locker in Royal Brougham Pavilion. In addition you will receive a $10 voucher good at multiple businesses including REI, FlexCar, and AAA.

Carpools qualify for a reduced or free parking pass, depending on the number of participants in the carpool. In addition each carpool is assigned a reserved space for their carpool only.

Employees participating in a transit sponsored Vanpool are eligible for a subsidy, for Metro Vanpools the employee can use the FlexPass for up to $60/month in dues. For other transit sponsored vanpools employees qualify for a $25/month voucher which can be used for vanpool dues.

This is a new program from Metro designed to bridge the gap in a transit route. This program is designed so employees can use a ferry, bus, or train route for most of your commute, and use a van to get to/from the transit hub/terminal. The FlexPass can be used to pay up to $20/month for Vanshare dues. For more information on this program visit Metro's website [Link].

Washington State Ferry
For employees who are using an alternative commute method in addition the the Ferry system there is an additional subsidy o

Metro FlexPass
The FlexPass is a non-transferable benefit for use by employees of SPU only.  In exchange for a pass, you must sign a FlexPass Use Agreement Form which is also available in the Security office.  Please bring your SPU Faculty/Staff ID card with you when you come to pick one up. 

You are eligible for one Metro FlexPass, if you meet the following guidelines:

  • You work 32 hours or more a week as an SPU employee.
  • The FlexPass is to be used only during the period you are employed by SPU.
  • The FlexPass is for you transportation only.  Do not give your pass to another person.
  • The FlexPass is to be returned upon request, or when you end employment with SPU.  If you do not return your pass, $90.00 for each month remaining on the pass will be withheld from your paycheck.

Employee Information
     Employee Information Letter
     Commute Trip Reduction Form PDF

King Count Metro Website
Find a bus route using Trip Planner; Bus Route Times and Locations; Find a Carpool/Vanpool using Rideshare.
Parking Petition
Petition a citation received while parked in an SPU Lot.
Special Event Guest Pass
Request parking passes for your special event and/or guest speaker.

Email the Employee Transportation Coordinator

Please see our disclaimer.  Send questions or comments to Office of Safety and Security or call (206) 281-2922.
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