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Stafford and PLUS loans repayment information and forms are available from the servicer for the loan(s).
Servicer information is available at

Perkins, Nursing and Institutional Load Repayment Information and forms:

General Loan Forms
Campus Partners AutoDraft Payments
Campus Partners- Facts about your Student Loan
Federal Privacy Act Waiver (for faster processing please contact Campus Partners)

Perkins Loan Forms
Perkins Loan Program Fact Sheet
Perkins Loan Expanded Deferment and Cancellation Provisions

Perkins Loan Request for Deferment
Perkins Loan Request for Deferment Instruction Sheet

Perkins Loan Request for Postponement/Cancellation Form
Perkins Loan Request for Postponement/Cancellation Instruction Sheet
Perkins Loan Official Certification Letter for Cancellation Benefits

Perkins Loan Economic Hardship/Unemployment Deferment Request

Perkins Loan Forbearance Request Form

Perkins Loan Discharge Application: Total and Permanent Disability

Nursing Loan Forms
Nursing Loan Program Fact Sheet
Nursing Forbearance Request Form

SPU Institutional Loan Forms
SPU Institutional Loan Information Sheet
Institutional Forbearance Request Form

Last Updated: 10/31/2011