Student Financial Services
Student Financial Services

Financial Aid: Loans

Loan Requirements
Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loan MPN
Direct Loan Entrance Counseling: Subsidized/Unsubsidized and Grad PLUS
Direct PLUS Loan MPN
Direct PLUS Loan Request
Direct PLUS Entrance Counseling

Perkins Loan: entrance counseling and MPN requirements are completed through iPROMise. Borrowers will be notified via SPU email when required to complete iPROMise processes beginning in July.

Perkins Loan Fact Sheet 

Nursing Loan: entrance counseling and MPN requirements are completed online through iPROMise. Borrowers will be notified via SPU email when required to complete iPROMise processes. Disclosures needed for additional requirements are provided via SPU email beginning in July.

Nursing Loan Fact Sheet 

SPU Institutional Loan:  Documents for this loan will be provided beginning in July.  A master promissory note, entrance interview sheet and disclosures required for private loans must be completed.

SPU Institutional Loan Fact Sheet 
Important Loan Information This checklist provides information about various loan options.
Alternative (private) Loan Self-Certification Form

Repayment Calculators
Federal Loan Repayment Plans and Calculators
Mapping Your Future Repayment Calculator
Mapping Your Future Debt/Salary Calculator
FinAid: Repayment Calculator FinAid also provides a number of other specialized calculators.

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Loan Repayment Resources
Information about the total amount you have borrowed may be accessed in a variety of ways:
The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) Provides cumulative Title IV loan and Grant data for borrowers.  Loan details provide loan servicer information. TEACH Grant exit counseling is also completed on this website.
Banner provides information about your financial aid awarded at SPU. (Student Menu > Financial Aid Menu > Financial Aid History)
Your Credit Report will list all of your student loans. Information about how to obtain a free copy of your credit report every 12 months from each of the three national credit bureaus is available at

Other helpful resources:
Financial Awareness Counseling, available at will populate with your NSLDS loan data (if you have logged in) and you can add other financial obligations such as private student loans.
Campus Partners Campus Partners is the loan servicer for SPU awarded Perkins, Nursing and SPU Institutional Loans. Website resources include borrower loan access, contact information, repayment information and forms. The U.S. Department of Education provides information about loans, grants and loan repayment. “The SmartStudent™ Guide to Financial Aid”
Federal Student Loan Assistance is available if you have been unable to resolve a dispute pertaining to your loan balance or status.
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Provides assistance for student loan issues including private loans. Provides information about prime and LIBOR interest rates.


Last Updated: 2/20/2015