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SPU Institutional Loans

Funding for this private loan program comes from SPU and from former SPU students who are in the process of repaying their SPU Institutional Loans.

  • Awarded by SPU to undergraduate students with documented need as determined from a processed FAFSA.
  • No interest is charged on the loans while you are enrolled at least half time at SPU.
  • Six months after you have left SPU or dropped below half-time status, interest will begin accruing and you will begin making payments of principal and interest.
  • For loan limits, repayment, and interest information refer to the Employment-Loan Chart (PDF). Information regarding deferment, postponement, and cancellation will be provided to each borrower on the loan promissory note.

Documents required for the institutional loan:
  • Master Promissory Note (MPN) and loan interview sheet (first year only).
  • Application and Solicitation and Final Disclosure forms (informational only).
  • Approval Disclosure and Self-Certification forms (at least annually).
  • Loan exit interview (prior to your departure from SPU or when your enrollment drops to less than half-time status).

The first year an SPU Institutional Loan is awarded, an MPN and loan interview sheet must be completed before the institutional loan can be credited to your student account. Additionally, each year an Institutional Loan is awarded, the Approval Disclosure and Self-Certification forms must be completed. Each quarter thereafter, the awarded institutional funds will be automatically credited to your student account, provided you meet eligibility requirements.

More information can be found in the Student Financial Services office and here.

Last Updated: 2/5/2015