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  Center for Career & Calling: CCC assists students with major choice, resumes, interviewing, job search strategies, and in locating internships and professional positions.

About Student Employment
The University is proud to sponsor a large student employment program. An underlying philosophy of financial aid is the idea that students are responsible to work and contribute to their cost of attendance. The Office of Student Employment manages on-campus student employment and work study programs.

What is the difference between the Office of Student Employment and the Center for Career & Calling?

Types of Student Employment
  • On-Campus (Federal Work Study and Institutional Work Study). Students can apply for ANY on-campus job regardless of their financial need. Depending on availability of funds and a student’s specific program eligibility, students will either be hired under the Federal Work Study Program or the Institutional Work Study Program. Students must be enrolled at least half-time and maintain satisfactory academic progress to be student employees. (Positions in the Bookstore, Campus Dining, University Ministries, School of Theology, Center for Biblical & Theological Education, and student government jobs (ASSP) are not Federal Work Study eligible.)

  • State Work Study: Off-Campus. State need-based employment. Students must be awarded be a Washington State resident, enrolled at least half-time, and maintain satisfactory academic progress. Students with a major/minor in the School of Theology are ineligible. There are a limited number of positions available.

  • Federal Work Study-Community Service: Off-Campus. Federal need-based employment. Students must be enrolled at least half-time and maintain satisfactory academic progress. Current positions help at-risk youth, the homeless, and the elderly throughout our local community. There are a limited number of positions available.

  • Regular Part-Time Jobs: Off-Campus. There are plenty of off-campus non-work study positions surrounding SPU. We are located directly on the bus line and close to many local businesses in the surrounding neighborhoods of Queen Anne, Ballard, Fremont, and Wallingford.
Work Study is offered to qualified students based on need levels determined by the FAFSA. It is assumed that wages earned under work study will be used for educational expenses.
Using Work Study:
  • Find a job - this is the responsibility of the student, if you have trouble finding a position please contact the Office of Student Employment.
  • Get paid - the employer will pay you directly. You may earn up to your awarded amount.
  • Pay SPU - if you are using your wages to pay your account, it is your responsibility to make that payment. You are not required to pay your earnings directly to SPU.
Note: If you are awarded Work Study, it simply means that you are eligible for the program and can be used as an additional financial resource to help you pay your way through school. Work Study is not guaranteed. Essentially, the Work Study Program is first come, first serve due to limited funding. In order to use a Work Study Award, it is required that you locate a Work Study job. All work study earnings are considered personal income and subject to taxes by the federal government.

Community Service – Along with regular employment opportunities, consider community service volunteer opportunities provided by SPU. See the John Perkins Center’s website for more information.


Last Updated: 6/24/2015