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Prospective Students: Objectives & Competencies

Training Goal 3

To produce graduates who provide an array of vocations of service including clinical practice, teaching, research, and consultation.

Objective E: We expect our students will demonstrate interpersonal skills and relational capacities for developing effective therapeutic alliances in clinical practice.

  • “Interpersonal Skills” Competency: Students will complete clinical foundation courses that establish their self-awareness and skills with regard to relationship competence.
  • “Client Relations” Competency: Students will demonstrate the ability to establish rapport and therapeutic alliances with clients in practicum and internship training settings.

Objective F: We expect our students will be able to articulate knowledge and skills in the implementation of the “APA Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct for Psychologists.”


  • “APA Ethical Guidelines” Competency: Students will demonstrate knowledge of the interface of APA ethical guidelines and code of conduct relative to the conduct of research and publication activities.
  • “Applied Ethics” Competency: Students will apply knowledge of APA ethical guidelines and code of conduct in case formulations at the practicum and internship training level.

Objective G: We expect our students will begin to develop an area of subspecialty within the larger general field of clinical psychology, and gain clinical experience and expertise in an area of subspecialty.


  • “Subspecialty” Competency: Students will complete specialty advanced cognate coursework, in one of three specialty areas selected by the student: health; child and family; or organizational cognates.

Objective H: We expect our students will develop knowledge, skills, and professional attitudes regarding clinical supervision and consultation.


  • “Clinical Supervision” Competency: Students will develop knowledge and skills in providing clinical supervision on both clinical and research matters.

Objective I: We expect our students will obtain licensure as psychologists, and obtain employment in areas of clinical, academic and education, and consultation.


  • “Licensure” Competency: Students will complete the necessary educational and experience requirements to be eligible for licensure as a psychologist in Washington.

Training Goal 4

To produce professional psychologists who demonstrate professional attitudes that are discerning with regard to cultural, individual, and spiritual diversity, and contribute to the knowledge and practice of psychology by integrating these attitudes.

Objective J: We expect our students will develop cultural competencies that allow them to relate professionally and collegially to persons from diverse backgrounds.

  • “Cultural Diversity” Competency: Students will demonstrate academic awareness of diversity issues by completing coursework in diversity, and demonstrating scholarly acknowledgment of diversity issues in their coursework through out the program.
  • “Clinical Sensitivity” Competency: Students will obtain experiences in working with diverse clinical populations in both practicum and internship settings.

Review Training Goals 1 & 2

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