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Prospective Students

Why SPU?

SPU’s clinical psychology doctoral program distinguishes itself by emphasizing both scientific research and clinical practice in the context of a Christian university.

We’ll equip you to achieve excellence in academic and clinical work. And we’ll prepare you in your role as a clinical psychologist to address the challenges of specific populations including young people, ethnic minorities, the aging, and hospital and community mental health center patients.


Our Training Philosophy

Professional and personal development. Our faculty members are focused on the professional and personal development of their students. Each element of the program is there for the student’s benefit.

Local clinical scientist model. Under our local clinical scientist model of training, you’ll learn to utilize scientific thought for your clients’ benefit and to drive research from clinical concerns. In other words, SPU will train you to be both a scientifically informed clinician and a clinically informed scientist.

Well prepared. Graduates from this program are very well prepared for various roles in professional psychology as health care clinicians, university scholars, program directors, and supervisors.

Learn more in our targeted competencies section.

We’re APA Accredited

SPU’s clinical psychology doctoral program is accredited by the American Psychological Association. The program meets the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards/National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology Guidelines for Defining “Doctoral Degree in Psychology.”

As a result, graduates who decide to apply for licensure as psychologists typically will meet the educational requirements for licensing in the United States and Canada.*

*Each jurisdiction determines requirements for licensure, and some jurisdictions require additional examinations and post-doctoral supervision.

The Spiritual Dimension

Holistic. Our program’s structure promotes a holistic approach to the practice of clinical psychology, including physical, psychological, social, and spiritual wellness.

Balanced. We embrace a broad Christian worldview, and we’re committed to developing psychologists who can appropriately balance scientific knowledge and clinical sensitivity.