From genes to behavior: 

What causes autism?


Raphael Bernier, Ph.D.

Date:  Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Location:  Seattle Pacific University, Otto Miller Hall, 109

Time:  7:00-8:30 p.m.

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Autism is now considered the most common developmental disorder. But what causes this pattern of impairments in social communication and behavior that we term autism? Recent scientific advances have helped to identify many of the causes of autism, providing insight into the development of the social brain.

About the Speaker:

 Dr. Bernier is a licensed clinical psychologist, an assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, and an adjunct assistant professor of psychology and Director of Clinical Services at the University of Washington Autism Center. He received his PhD at the University of Washington, his clinical training at UCLA, and also holds degrees from the University of Wisconsin and Tufts University.

Dr. Bernier’s clinical and research interests span many aspects of autism--from genetics and neuroscience to diagnostic characterization and cognitive-behaviorally based interventions. More specifically, Dr. Bernier is interested in bridging the gap in our understanding of the relationship between putative causal genetic events, neurological underpinnings of deficits in social cognition, and the behavioral presentation of autism spectrum disorders. As a clinical psychologist, the author of the book Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Reference Handbook, and as the principle investigator on a number of NIH- and foundation-funded research studies, Dr. Bernier is actively involved in clinical research at the intersection of etiology, the brain, and treatment of autism spectrum disorders.


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