Infant Perception of Beauty Study

What kind of art does YOUR baby prefer?



Participate in a Seattle Pacific University research study that is investigating the development of appreciation for beauty.

Directions to campus:

Map of campus:

When you get to campus, park in one of the visitor parking spaces in the tiered “Dravus” lot (#45 on the map). The psychology department is in Marston Hall, marked #37 on the map. You can enter from either the north or south doors, then go directly to the front desk and lobby on the entry level . If Rachel is not already waiting for you there, you can tell the staff that you are there for an experiment and they will call me. Rachel or I will take you to the lab.

Phone: 206-281-2872

Dr. Ursula Krentz, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Rachel Kincade, Undergraduate Student





Principal Investigator

Ursula C. Krentz, Ph.D.

Ursula C. Krentz, Ph.D.

CV Document (PDF)



Current Studies

Beauty Study

FEAS Study

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