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Graduate students already enrolled in the Marriage and Family Therapy program at SPU may add 11-15 additional credits focused on medical family therapy in order to receive the certificate. (Psychopharmacology is a required course in the MFT program and may be taken to fulfill an elective requirement).

The certificate in MDFT can be earned during or after completion of the MFT program. Below are links to the three approved program plans for combining the MFT Masters and the MDFT certificate.

MDFT 2+1 Year Program Plan (PDF)
MDFT 3 Year Program Plan (PDF)
MDFT 3+1 Year Program Plan (PDF)

Courses Credits
Marketing your Practice to Physicians 1
Interviewing for Biopsychosocial and Spiiritual Care 1
Psychopharmocology (required for MFT degree)


Family Therapy Tools for the Treament of Medical Illness 1
The Brain Savvy Therapist 1
Spirituality and Health 1
Addressing Harmful Health Behaviors 1
12-month clinical practicum 4-8
Total 13-17

In the late summer early fall after all coursework is complete, students will be placed in a year long internship 10 hours a week in an outpatient medical clinic. Students will have a chance to discuss internship placement possibilities prior to placement. Clinics range from Family Medicine, Oncology, Rheumatology, Women's Health, and other specialty medicine sites. Students will work alongside physicians, nurses, and staff providing on-site psychosocial care. They will be actively involved in charting, consulting with medical team, program development, and clinical treatment. Clinic schedule will be determined in consideration of clinic need, space restrictions and student's availability. During the internship year students will also be enrolled in the practicum supervision course once a week on campus.