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"I have been very pleased with this program and would miss it greatly if it were to leave. It has added the ability to provide the follow up services that so many patients desperately need."
OB GYN Physician

"I am so impressed with the amount of supervision given by the school. It is a win/win all the way around."
Radiation Oncology Provider

"It has been a major asset to our practice to be able to offer on-site psychosocial support for our patients."
Primary Care Physician


"I was surprised I was given such a valuable role in the medical clinic. My work was valued as an integral component of treatment from the beginning and I was respected as a professional."
MDFT Graduate Internship: Rheumatology

When working closely with a physician around care for a patient with chronic illness you learn a lot about each others perspective. When both providers learn to listen and collaborate it profoundly affects the care they give."
Graduate Internship: Family Practice

"It was in a medical setting that I found God's presence. I was able to slow down and really look at the meaning people make in their life. I was blessed to have had this experience and know that I am a better therapist because of it."
MDFT Graduate Internship: Radiation Oncology


"My life and the lives of my active young children have drastically changed for the better as a result of the improvements that your team and I, together, have made in my health. Thank you!"
Excerpt from a patient letter - A 32 year old man with a severe chronic pain condition

"A couple of years ago I found myself with a complex medical condition requiring difficult decisions with life changing ramifications. When I went into a deep depression my physician recommended that I see the on-site Medical Family Therapist. Her expertise was pivotal to help me and my husband focus on decisions, empower us in the face of a medical situation beyond our control, understand the doctors and their focus, the medical procedures and the long road that lay before us while maintaining a strong bond between us. Just suffice it to say - I wouldn't be here without her help. Additionally, as a couple, we now have tools and insights to maintain our solid relationship and to continue to build it with greater joy."
Excerpt from a patient letter