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Thank you for your interest in SPU's Medical Family Therapy Professional Training Seminars.

Please review both the University's confidentiality policy and the contractual statement below before registering for one or more of our seminars. Questions? Contact


FERPA Policy: Student Records and Confidentiality

Certain items of information about individual students are fundamental to the educational process and must be recorded.

However, as the 1974 Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) states, this recorded data concerning students is used only for clearly defined purposes and is safeguarded and controlled to avoid violations of personal privacy.

Under FERPA, SPU has the responsibility to effectively supervise any access to and/or release of official information about its students. In this regard, the University is committed to protecting the right of privacy of all individuals about whom it holds information, records, and files. Access to such records is restricted to:

  • the student concerned
  • parents of a dependent student
  • others with the student's written consent
  • a court of competent legal jurisdiction

Read the complete SPU FERPA statement or obtain a copy by contacting Student Academic Services.

Registration: Official Contractual Statement
  • I understand and agree that when I register, I have obligated myself to pay for the course(s) and all other charges related to this registration.

  • If registering by bank card, I authorize SPU to charge my account the amount noted.

  • If I default, I agree to pay all costs and expenses incurred by the University in the collection of any sums due under this registration - including but not limited to - reasonable attorney's fees, collection cost, and court costs.

  • If these registration fees are sent out for collection by an outside collection agency or debt collector, the University may add a collection fee of at least one-third (1/3) and as much as double the principal and interest due on the note and may disclose my default and other relevant information to credit bureau organizations.

  • This note shall be governed by the laws of the state of Washington.

  • If I decide to cancel my registration, I will do so in writing to the School of Psychology, Family, and Community. I understand that the date I officially withdraw will determine the amount of the refund, if any, I will receive.

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