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As a student in SPU’s Industrial-Organizational Psychology program, you know we’re serious about changing the world of work. And the best way to do that is through you.

After all, by giving you the skills, support, and opportunities you need, and by helping you grow through research, character development, and practice, we’re convinced you’ll become the instruments of change the world needs.

Tag, you’re it. Make us proud.

A Refresher: Our Four Beliefs

The scientific evidence for what could be.

We believe research in Industrial-Organizational psychology provides the support for decisions that will positively impact both an employee’s motivation and an organization’s success.

The imprint of past experiences and relationships.

We believe character often suffers at the expense of organizational goals, personal results, and organizational effectiveness. We need leaders who are aware, humble, compassionate, and willing to take responsibility for their shortcomings.

The integration of what you know and who you are.

We believe that we’re responsible for training students to know how to get the job done in the real world through the combination of evidence-based theory and applicable strategies for change.

The instrument of change.

We believe that you have the power to impact the organizations you serve, whether as a consultant, an employee, or a leader.

You are the unknown variable. And by committing to this learning community, you will one day change the world of work.

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Current course time schedule

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SIOP targeted competencies (PDF, 29 KB)


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Dying to Lead by Dr. Rob McKennaReal Time Leadership Development

Dr. Rob McKenna published Dying to Lead: Sacrificial Leadership in a Self-Centered World.

Dr. Paul Yost published his book: Real Time Leadership Development.

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