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The Psychology Major


Psychology provides an excellent background for careers where interpersonal understanding and skills are needed. In fact, SPU's B.A. program allows students to obtain a double major, broadening career opportunities.

Our more comprehensive B.S. program combines behavioral and natural sciences and is particularly relevant for students with interests in the more experimental and laboratory side of psychology.


Course Descriptions and Time Schedule

Take classes like Psychobiology of Women (PSY 4485), Abnormal Psychology (PSY 3360), and an Animal Behavior Lab (PSY 4101) through SPU's psychology program.

View the latest course descriptions in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Check our 2015-16 course offerings for a complete list of courses and times.


Keep the psychology major checklist handy to assure graduation success:

Donwload PDF for the B.A. Checklist 2015-16

Download PDF for the B.S Checklist 2015-16

Download PDF for the Minor Checklist