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student Students may gain field experiences in mental health clinics, social service agencies, educational institutions, and the business world. Internships are considered advanced experiences in the psychology major, and must build on a coursework foundation.

Through internship experiences students:

  • Deepen their learning by complementing theoretical knowledge with experiential education
  • Reach beyond the university to provide service to persons in a variety of conditions and settings
  • Gain insights into psychology both as a profession and as a vocation (i.e., a calling)
  • Understand the relationship of their own goals, desires, and skills to career paths in psychology and related fields.

Things I Need to Know

Internship Opportunities (Center for Career and Calling)

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Contact Information

Director of Internships: Marcia Webb, M.Div.,, Ph.D.

Phone: 206-281-2683

Email: marcia@spu.edu

More information about possible internships and the formal application process can be obtained by contacting Patty Farmer in the Center for Career and Calling.

Contact: Patty Farmer, Center for Career and Calling
Phone: 206-281-2769
Email: farmep@spu.edu