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Undergraduate Psychology
Seattle Pacific University
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Living Well Initiative






Internship Policy

Letter grades will be based upon performance and successful completion of the learning contract, log/journal, review of reserve articles/book analysis and discussion, supervisor evaluation (it is your responsibility to insure that your on-site supervisor has returned this form a week before final exams), and timelines in turning in all written material, contracts and evaluation forms.

It is expected that you will follow the rules and regulations of the agency and will report to the internship site at agreed upon times and dates. Failure to adhere to agency policy will result in the loss of the internship placement.

You are expected to maintain the community expectations and behavioral standards of SPU while working at an internship site. These are delineated in the Seattle Pacific University Student Handbook.

If for any reason you believe you are receiving inadequate, unethical or non professional treatment from your agency, you are expected to report it immediately to your SPU faculty or clinical supervisor.