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The Learning Contract


Learning Objectives

Here you will list what you hope to carry away from this internship, the skills you hope to acquire and the knowledge base you hope to build during your experience. Consult your on-site supervisor as well as your faculty supervisor to establish these.

Learning Activities

Here you will list the tasks you are assigned as an intern. They are the activities you will do to meet your learning objectives. Consult with your on-site supervisor to establish these. One of these activities must be a weekly supervision meeting with your on-site supervisor.

Other Requirements
As part of your internship, you’ll need to participate in five on-campus meetings with your faculty sponsor, the Director of Internships, Dr. Marcia Webb. You’ll receive a syllabus from her early in the quarter that outlines requirements for the internship class which meets every other week. These assignments include a log and a journal, reports of research, and a final evaluation paper. You’ll also be required to provide an evaluation of your site, and your site supervisor will be required to evaluate your performance as well.

Getting Started with the Process
We recommend students begin looking for an internship at least 2 months prior to the quarter in which they want to enroll for credits in internship. More information about how to secure an internship, criteria for internship sites, criteria for supervisors and supervision, and coursework, is found in the attached files.
Internship Timeline
Internship Handbook
Internship Learning Contract
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