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Undergraduate Psychology
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Living Well Initiative






The Learning Contract


Learning Objectives

Here you will list what you hope to carry away from this internship, the skills you hope to acquire and the knowledge base you hope to build during your experience. Consult your on-site supervisor as well as your faculty supervisor to establish these.

Learning Activities

Here you will list the tasks you are assigned as an intern. They are the activities you will do to meet your learning objectives. Consult with your on-site supervisor to establish these. One of these activities must be a weekly supervision meeting with your on-site supervisor. In addition to those assigned by your supervisor, you will keep a daily log of your activities for each day you are on-site and do research that will enrich your on-site work experience. Your log and research will be submitted as one notebook to Dr. Erickson. You will also meet with Dr. Erickson four times per quarter in group supervision meetings. You will be given more information about these meetings after you secure your internship.


Here you will ensure that three items are submitted:

  1. A notebook/journal will be submitted to Dr. Erickson before final exam week (this assignment is described in the following pages).
  2. A completed final evaluation form from your on-site internship supervisor will be mailed to the Center for Career and Calling before the last week of the quarter (the address is on the form).
  3. A completed final evaluation form from you will be submitted to the Center for Career and Calling during the test week of the quarter.