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Undergraduate Psychology
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Living Well Initiative






What Is My Role?

During your internship experience you will be required to explore several new roles:


  • Initiator. Identifies, seeks, finds, and secures the help and cooperation needed, often in an alien context.
  • Problem Solver and Decision Maker. Functions in an open system, defining and solving the problems as they arise, and making decisions in the course of carrying out assignments.
  • Cultural Analyst and Strategist. Understands the cultural context well enough in which work is being done to function effectively in it.
  • Interactor. Relates effectively with faculty sponsor, coworkers, supervisor, and is able to stay in touch with them and work through emotionally difficult relationships.
  • Network Developer. Develops personal information sources instead of relying only on those provided by an instructor.
  • Ethical Choice Maker. Grapples with the ethical implications and insures that they are confronted in the work.
  • Professional. Sees self as a training professional; not simply a person doing volunteer work.
  • Value Clarifier. Makes value judgments in arriving at workable solutions or decisions which would not be expected in classroom work.
  • Communicator. Is able to communicate effectively through the spoken and written word. Through listening and reading nonverbal communication is fully present in interpersonal interactions.
  • Recipient. Is able to receive and utilize recognition and criticism constructively.